[ Download Prime ] Monty Python's Spamalot: Easy Piano (Easy Piano Vocal Selections)Author John Du Prez – Bilb-weil.de

Easy Piano Vocal Selections Tunes From The Tony Award Winning Musical That S Lovingly Ripped Off From The Motion Picture Monty Python And The Holy Grail Includes Brave Sir Robin Find Your Grail He Is Not Dead Yet The Song That Goes Like This And

6 thoughts on “Monty Python's Spamalot: Easy Piano (Easy Piano Vocal Selections)

  1. Daniel Daniel says:

    Arreglos sencillos,pero resultones.Buen libro,muy recomendable a principiantes.Las letras estn en ingls,pero si estas pensando en comprarlo yo te animara ha hacerlo.

  2. Maddi Hausmann Maddi Hausmann says:

    I decided to take a chance with this piano vocal guitar collection since I had already read a review warning that it was a fairly simplistic arrangement It is indeed very basic someone with four years of piano experience could handle just about every piece.All that was taken from the actual score was the melody and the chords Songs that had clear baselines, such as You Won t Succeed on Broadway s descending octaves at the end of each couplet, simply don t have them in these book Typical left hand arrangements are a series of eighth notes pairs with bass root, inverted chord, over and over again no matter what sort of mood the piece should set Given the range of tempos and their amusing descriptions, where else would you find the term Jaunty Madrigal , having identical left hand arrangements is ridiculous Right hand arrangements tend to double the melody with chords filling them out below Most songs are cut down to a bare minimum, leaving out parts that could easily have been included such as accents, grace notes, and the like.Most frustrating of all is missing lyrics for subsequent verses, which is absolutely unforgiveable Knights of the Round Table only has 2 verses Yes, you can pull the lines off the internet, but why should you have to Probably the best arrangement of the whole book is You Won t Succeed on Broadway which does include all the lyrics but inexplicably cut the piano solo So when I say it s the best, that s where best gets a 7 out of 10 The Act II Finale does not appear, either However, the book does include most all the other songs from the musical Many sheet music books from musicals omit I am looking forward to a vocal score being offered as these are a reduction rather than an arrangement and offer all the incidental music as well as instrumental and lead in sections.Hal Leonard often rates their arrangements on a difficulty scale but I can t find one on this book I would give it a 2 on their 6 point scale where 6 is the hardest.

  3. Melanie Fink Melanie Fink says:

    Exactly what we expected and needed Just wish we could get some of these in spiral bound to make it easier to turn pages at a piano

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Item as described and arrived quickly Great music

  5. Christopher E Furry Christopher E Furry says:

    The songs are so good, my old score was wearing out, so I replaced it So much fun to sing and play

  6. Dr. Delegeane Dr. Delegeane says:

    We enjoyed the musical Spamalot so much that my son wanted to get the music for the songs This was the ideal entry book for him as it contained the melody in the music and wasn t just an accompaniment.