Free Audible Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip - Book Two By Tove Jansson –

In the second volume of Tove Jansson s humorous yet melancholic Moomin comic strip, we get four new stories about jealousy, competition, child rearing, and self reinvention The Moomins try to hibernate in the fashion of their ancestors but insomnia places them smack dab into a winter carnival with the winter sports loving Mr Brisk The fickle and eternally lovestruck Mymble and Snorkmaiden find themselves in competition over a thrilling new man Moominmamma meets her new neighbor, the Fillyjonk, causing her to hire the depressed and secretive Misabel as her new maid Mymble s mother arrives on the Moomin family s doorstep with her seventeen new children Finally, a prophet arrives on the scene declaring that the happy Moomins are in fact not happy at all and need to get back to nature and be free Moomin, of course, becomesandmiserable the freer he gets