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A comprehensive history of stage musicalsAs informative as it is entertaining, Musical Theatre is richly illustrated with anecdotes of shows ChoiceA hands on, user friendly guide as to how fashion designers design, which has been aesthetically laid out with strong imagery and some really good insights The Pass Musical Theatre A History is a new revised edition of a proven core text for college and secondary school students and an insightful and accessible celebration of twenty five centuries of great theatrical entertainment As an educator with extensive experience in professional theatre production, author John Kenrick approaches the subject with a unique appreciation of musicals as both an art form and a business Using anecdotes, biographical profiles, clear definitions, sample scenes and select illustrations, Kenrick focuses on landmark musicals, and on the extraordinary talents and business innovators who have helped musical theatre evolve from its roots in the dramas of ancient Athens all the way to the latest hits on Broadway and Londons West End Key improvements to the second edition A new foreword by Oscar Hammerstein III, a critically acclaimed historian and member of a family with deep ties to the musical theatre, is included Thechapters are reformatted for the typicalweek,session academic course, as well as for a two semester, once weekly format, making it easy for educators to plan a syllabus and reading assignments To make the bookinteractive, each chapter includes suggested listening and reading lists, designed to help readers step beyond the printed page to experience great musicals and performers for themselves A comprehensive guide to musical theatre as an international phenomenon, Musical Theatre A History is an ideal textbook for university and secondary school students