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Diane Guerrero, The Star Of Orange Is The New Black And Jane The Virgin, Presents Her Personal Story In This Middle Grade Memoir About Her Parents Deportation And The Nightmarish Struggles Of Undocumented Immigrants And Their American Children Before Landing A Spot On The Megahit Netflix Show Orange Is The New Black Before Wow Ing Audiences As Lina On Jane The Virgin And Before Her Incredible Activism And Work On Immigration Reform, Diane Guerrero Was A Young Girl Living In Boston One Day, While Guerrero Was At School, Her Undocumented Immigrant Parents Were Taken From Their Home, Detained, And Deported Guerrero S Life, Which Had Been Full Of The Support Of A Loving Family, Was Turned Upside DownReflective Of The Experiences Of Millions Of Undocumented Immigrant Families In The United States, Guerrero S Story In My Family Divided, Written With Erica Moroz, Is At Once Heartbreaking And HopefulPraise For My Family Divided This Memoir S Greatest Strength Is That It Captures How Life Moves On Even After A Great LossTo Read This Book Is To Understand A Child S Resilience Can Be As Heartbreaking As It Is Inspirational The New York Times Book Review Eminently Accessible This Is A Timely Reminder That None Of Us Lives In A Vacuum And That Deportation Affects Than Just The Deportee Kirkus Reviews PROS The necessity of this book For those living with the constant fear of losing their parents to deportation, it s evidence that they do not walk this path alone.If you are not facing deportation, you should probably also read it You never know as much as you think you do.It s easy to trot out popular slogans when the consequences do not seem to affect you directly don t be one of those people who are unable or worse, unwilling, to recognise the humanity of others.There but for the grace of God go I And possibly you.There is also a resource section in the back for kids who fear the deportation of parents and for parents facing deportation.WARNINGS I m sure that there are many triggers to the very tweens and teens this book is aimed at, and while it would offer them a lot, they should probably have a lot of support while reading this Also, while the author has done an incredible job of getting herself to where she is, she went through a really rough patch of depression and cutting self harm and thoughts of suicide which should not be negated It s not a big part of the book, but parents and carers should know that it is there and that this is something that should be talked about.Personally, I thought the author did an incredible job with the cards dealt to her and was very honest and sensitive about that part of her life But it s in there and should be acknowledged.This was a fast read, but one that showed, so clearly, the resilience of the human spirit, the industriousness of those at the bottom of the ladder and the invisible misery that the rest of society happily keeps invisible What if this was your family Your child Because reading helps us all to become better humans, and this in one of those stories that gives us a path to take to get there. I know this actress from Orange is the New Black Then when I started following her on Instagram I noticed she was such an amazing young woman When the book was release last week I pre ordered it and begun reading as soon as it arrived.The book is a great read in understanding a child s perspective in deportation The full understanding of the emotion that can overtake individuals Take out the politics of whether undocumented individuals should be here or not That s opinions No one looks into what that means to the person The feelings that occur And this is brilliantly written to where you, the reader can understand that Whether your Democrat, republic, or simply don t care Read this I think it s great And I think she did absolutely amazing in her life so far I hope she writes. An easy accessible read for middle grade and high school kids This book details Diane Guerrero s parents immigration story and the effect immigration opportunities and policies had on her personally and her extended family An important story for kids to know.