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She s a good girl He s a very bad boy Sparks will fly when fate brings them together in this fiery romance by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LA CaseyAshley Dunne is a bad boy, a notorious member of Dublin s most ruthless gang But when privileged daddy s girl Ryan Mahony finds herself living on an urban estate they control, she can t help feeling he s not that bad at all Ryan and Ash were never meant to cross paths she s always been sheltered by her successful barrister father But when he s unexpectedly sent to prison, she s forced to move in with estranged relatives in the city, where a chance encounter with Ash sends sparks flying He s the one man she s been warned to avoid, but fate seems determined to bring them together While her head warns of danger, her heart tells her to be reckless for the first time in her life She knows there sto Ash than his gangland reputation But when he starts to rethink his future and attracts the wrong kind of attention, Ryan has to ask herself is her life going off the rails or has she finally found the right track