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I love Ottessa Moshfegh I hope one day to meet her at a NYC bar and spend hours drinking in her company Do you hear me, Universe So My Year of Rest and Relaxation We are introduced to three ladies, who are presented to us solely for the sake of entertainment the nameless main character, who God knows how is still alive if you take into account the rainbow of pharma she consumes 24 7, her beautiful friend Reva, a walking disaster and a thesaurus of quotes of the help yourself variety, silently suffering from bulimia, and Dr Tuttle, a psychotherapist shaman All of them are multifaceted, beautiful and unique, not unlike the snowflakes All possess a variety of problems, just dig a bit deeper Each of them could be a marvelous heroine of a book in her own right Love them If you think that the book about a rich if troublesome girl tall and thin and blond and pretty and young going to sleep by way of narcotic hibernation is not your cup of tea I urge you to reconsider This is a great book But man this book is so much than just a story about the nameless sleeping beauty It s scary stuff Moshfegh s new book is another tough nut, which will not be liked by everyone think about all the metaphorically broken teeth But if you like black humor, sarcasm and satire this is cool stuff Passivity as a rebellion has never looked so enticing.Ottessa, let me buy you a drink NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Savage, funny, frequently on the verge of teetering into lunacy VogueDiscover this deliciously dark satire on modern privilege from the Booker shortlisted author of Eileen It s the yearin a city aglitter with wealth and possibility what could be so terribly wrong Our narrator has many of the advantages of life Young, thin, pretty, a recent Columbia graduate, she lives in an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan paid for, like everything else, by her inheritance But there is a vacuum at the heart of things, and it isn t just the loss of her parents in college, or the way her Wall Street boyfriend treats her, or her sadomasochistic relationship with her alleged best friend Blackly funny, both merciless and compassionate dangling its legs over the ledge of My Year of Rest and Relaxation is a showcase for the gifts of one of America s major young writers Grimly unrealistic The heroine, Eztelle, takes copious quantities of Xanax and other benzos every day for a year, then stops altogether If she d done this in real life, she d be dead from the seizures that come with cold turkeying off high doses of benzos Instead, she is fine and has a 9 11 epiphany.Eztelle isn t a sympathetic protagonist She keeps reminding us of how beautiful she is every few pages Just no.I won t be reading anything else by Ottessa. I loved this in the beginning It was one of those books that sucks you in so fast and furious, and kept up that momentum for a while, even when it s just the protagonist trying to get her sleeping pills It s amusing, not out and out funny I m looking at the dr and the drug store employees that aren t phased But as another reviewer put it, it s like Girls, where it has it s moments but just really highlights white lady privilege the very thing is maybe sets out to make fun of.I think I might not have gotten it and that ending was just meh Especially as soon as her friend got promoted, I was like she s going to die in 9 11.Again, not sure I got it, but it doesn t seem to be about anything If you were to describe the plot, it would be woman wants to sleep for a year, woman takes pills to stay asleep for a year, the end.To be fair, by the time it was 1.99 on the kindle, my expectations were high So maybe it would have always been a strong ok book.And despite saying all this, I found myself reaching for the kindle as much as possible and not noticing how far I was into it, because it sucks you up in it s world. Critics have made much of the classist, feminist, anomie, elements that are explored through the unlikeable unnamed rich young beautiful white heroine, best friend Riva, and crazy psychiatrist Tuttle Much has also been said as well of the authors perceptive, sharp, and often gross out , satirical writing style Less has been said of the hope of emotional redemption and healing that can be found not necessarily through drugs and narcolepsy despite our modern day sense of ennui and self absorption In the end I did like this gross but strangely hopeful novel. When you think about rest and relaxation, maybe it s a sandy beach and long languid hours of dozing and reading, spa treatments or slow walks that come to mind The title of this book is obviously ironic on that matter because the main character is not seeking rest from a busy lifestyle, but rest from life full stop It s dark, disconcerting yet strangely addictive as well and I thought the way her detachment from caring about others and herself was very powerfully portrayed I ve never read a book quite like it and I don t think that I ever will I don t even know if I would want to But it does what all good great books should and grips you, holds you, hypnotises you and keeps you turning the pages even though you think you know where it is heading And you do But it doesn t really matter It s how you get there, it s the journey, and this is the most unusual journey imaginable a road movie without a road, Bildungsroman without tue passing of time or at least, time and events and life in the conventional sense, because there s nothing conventional about this drug induced, nihilistic novel It has a happy ending Then it doesn t. As a male reader, I m sure there are nuances in this story that I have missed Nevertheless, I found this intense, fervent story of a young woman s attempt to escape the fatuousness and irrelevance of the modern world and reset her life hard to put down Fierce, impatient, brutally honest and sharply observed Perhaps the denouement lacks conviction, as it seems too clean after the complexity of her psycho social sexual struggle. I found this book difficult to put down Considering that nothing very much happens in it the protagonist buys coffee, attends a funeral and little else it s incredibly fast and furious, unbelievably dark and cynical and curiously uplifting Also very funny 9 11 is foreshadowed throughout If you like Haruki Murakami, you ll love this. The author sets out to show how someone takes unusual steps toward being comfortable with themselves as a person and get to finally live in the moment It is hilarious in places and desperately sad in others for me it touches on something dear to me living life with the knowledge that you don t have to be weighed down with life s baggage and life is for the taking.If your like a story that brings all this to the fore then go for it If you are looking to read something uplifting then go for it If it is a twisty thriller plot you want then it s not for you