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Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion and other uncommon tales from the founder of the Big Apple Circus is a celebration of Paul Binder s life in and around the circus Drawing on thirty five years with the show he created, the Big Apple Circus founder and founding Artistic Director invites us inside the fence every kid peers through for an intimate look at the uncommon life of circus artists, their animal partners, and the roustabouts who spend their days in a world that is both close knit and international, high minded and low comedy, death defying and ludicrous Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion and other uncommon tales from the founder of the Big Apple Circus balances the weird and the workaday, the curious and the commonplace, the exhilaration and the exhaustion of life in the circus, with simple portrayals of ordinary people going about the business of achieving the extraordinary Great stories, some heartwarming, some funny Quick peak into the life of the circus briefly takes you to a different way of life. A long while ago Paul Binder fell in love with the circus And being the kind of guy he is, he decided to share that love with as many people as he could First he founded and ran what is arguably the best circus in the United States and one of the best in the world the Big Apple Circus And now he has shared some of his best stories from that time that we can also fall in love with the circus.I had tears in my eyes and laughed out loud Not many books can do that.In the process he also shows us why the art of circus should be respected and valued and it has a rightful place beside theater, ballet, opera, and the symphony. Fun book about an old circus that s still around It is a quick read Binder doesn t go into anything to in depth but he does share several entertaining stories.You can definitely tell by his writing that he grew up in high society It is an interesting to look at how the other half lives.