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Jane Austen s first novel published posthumously in 1818 tells the story of Catherine Morland and her dangerously sweet nature, innocence, and sometime self delusion Though Austen s fallible heroine is repeatedly drawn into scrapes while vacationing at Bath and during her subsequent visit to Northanger Abbey, Catherine eventually triumphs, blossoming into a discerning woman who learns truths about love, life, and the heady power of literature The satirical novel pokes fun at the gothic novel while earnestly emphasizing caution to the female sex. I have no idea how to rate this book, because there wasn t anything in particular that I disliked, but also nothing that I enjoyed I ve come to the conclusion that Austen just isn t for me, because I never find myself even remotely interested in what s going on, and I find her novels to be quite dull but that s just me.I have nothing negative to say about Austen or her books, but unfortunately I don t find myself able to enjoy them.c est la vie Will I ever give a Jane Austen book less than 5 stars Doesn t look like it This is the second time I ve read this book and I enjoyed it even than I did the first time Mr Tilney is still the most hilarious flirt and I love how Catherine has a crush on him from the beginning, as I found that far relatable than the accidentally falling in love trope that is in many of Austen s other works I m not exactly sure what made this reading experience so fantastic Probably the fact that the faux Gothic style fit with Halloween so much and that I was able to read it with the rest of the Austentatious book club Also, as I am now versed in her other works, I was able to see how this her first novel showcased her early talents and inner reflections on whether novel writing was a worthy profession This book may not be for everyone, but if you re looking for a lighthearted and relatively easy classic to read, pick this up Original review from June 2015 I really enjoyed this I am, obviously, a huge fan of Jane Austen, but I had heard so little about this novel that I was unsure of it going in It definitely isn t as perfect as Pride and Prejudice nothing can be, let s be honest , but I loved the parody of 18th century gothic novels and found myself laughing at loud several times Mr Tilney, Catherine, and Eleanor were the only characters I really enjoyed in this novel as everyone else seemed to be vain, materialistic, and or annoying This both made me happy, as I had people to root against and laugh at, and unhappy, as the annoying conversations with Isabella and John got repetitive after a while Still, I had a surprisingly fun time reading this and I can t wait to watch the adaptation with JJ Feild as Mr Tilney that beautiful, grammar loving flirt and swoon 3 I have a confession to make.Secretly, I much prefer Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park to anything else written by Jane Austen, even Pride and Prejudice, which we re all supposed to claim as our favorite because it is one of the Greatest Books Ever Written In the English Language I don t DISLIKE Pride and Prejudice, but I just don t think it stands up to this one I m sorry, but it s true Northanger Abbey feels like two very different stories that eventually merge into one at the end the story of feisty, level headed romance novel addict Catherine Morland and her adventures in Bath during the party season, falling in love and making new friends and escaping unpleasant suitors and the story of Catherine s post Bath vacation with her new best friend Eleanor back to Eleanor s country home, a huge creepy old place called Northanger Abbey Catherine s obsession with bloodthirsty Gothic novels leads her to see a mystery or a creepy secret in every room eventually leading her to suspect Eleanor s grumpy dad of having unceremoniously murdered his own wife, OR, possibly, of locking her up in a hidden dungeon somewhere inside the abbey , and her various misadventures and misunderstandings make for top shelf farce But then when a REAL mystery arrives on her doorstep taking us back into the world of Bath and bringing the two stories together , she realizes that she s been looking at things upside down and backwards the whole time This book has some real,heartfelt drama and romance, but mainly I like it because it s really, really funny Catherine is awesome and kind of nuts, and the supporting characters run the gamut from really likeable and charming Eleanor and her brother Henry to the excruciatingly irritating John and Isabella, who totally beat out both Mrs Bennet, Aunt Norris, and Lucy Steele in my list of Best Ever Annoying Jane Austen Characters. Jane Austen s novels are just about romance and na ve women There just another telling of boy meets girl in an uninspiring way with a few social issues thrown in Well, ashamed as I am to admit it, that is what I used to believe in my woefully idiotic ignorance How foolish of me Now that I ve actually bothered to read one of her novels, because I had to for university purposes, I realise how stupid I was to actually think this Jane Austen is one of, if not the, best novelists of all time If you disbelieve me, and held a similar opinion to my own, then read one of her novels and find out for yourself That being said though Catherine, the protagonist of this novel, is somewhat ignorant and na ve to the ways of the world but, she had to be Indeed, if not Austen would have been unable to achieve such an endearing comment on the absurdity of society, the role of women in that said society, and the ignorance toward the unpopular literary craft of the novel How else if not though the eyes of an innocent young girl who cannot understand the mechanisms of these aspects of the world Who when thrust into the pump room a sort of ball room for dance and socialising has virtually no idea how to behave Catherine has an immeasurable misunderstanding of the intentions of others, and a misguided view that the world is like one of her beloved books a romantic adventure with a little bit of popular gothic thrown in for excitement She cannot comprehend the reasoning behind her friend, Isabella Thorpe s, behaviour and how she is only leading her brother along she cannot understand that Henry s father is not a gothic villain, but a man in mourning with a harsh temper her vision has become obscured Catherine s blood ran cold with the horrid suggestions which naturally sprang from these words Could it be possible Could Henry s father And yet how many were the examples to justify even the blackest suspicions This is achieved through a narration that is a work of genius Austen has satirised the conventions of gothic literature by writing a semi gothic novel herself that is focalised through the experience of Catherine Catherine is well read, but only as far as the gothic genre allows This has clouded her interpretation of the events that occur around her, consequently, life to her has become akin to the works by authors such as Radcliffe This means that by the time that Catherine arrives at the abbey she expects it to be this place of utter darkness and dread she expects to be a gothic castle and the home to a tyrannical gothic villain However, when the veil is lifted and she realises that her life is in fact not a book and the motivations of the people in it are not what she thought them to be, the revelation of how foolish she has been dawns upon her I m not going to lie, I felt like Catherine at this point I held a ridiculous opinion that when lifted allowed me to see the work of Austen for what it was utter brilliance I love Northanger Abbey it is brilliant Jane Austen is the master of her craft her work is what she argued the novel to be Only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best chosen language