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Long Before Cory Reese Strapped On His First Pair Of Running Shoes, He Learned The Key To Being A Successful Ultrarunner He Knew How To Suffer In Nowhere Near First, Cory Shares His Deeply Personal Story About Experiencing His Father S Suicide At A Young Age, And How This Led To A Career In Endurance Running And A Desire To Live Life To The Fullest Nowhere Near First Is A Humorous, Captivating, And Uplifting Account Of Cory S Memorable Ultramarathon Experiences Not Only Does Cory S Entertaining And Powerful Writing Allows Listeners A Unique Perspective Into The Challenges And Rewards Of Running, But It Also Inspires Each Of Us To Turn Tragedy Into Triumph Cory Reese Writes With Humor, Humbleness And Honesty His Story Is Both Uplifting And Real, And His Tales Of Persistence And Perseverance Are Sure To Inspire, Whether You Re At The Front Of The Pack Or Nowhere Near First Regardless Of The Title, This Book S A Winner Dean Karnazes, Author Of Ultramarathon Man Confessions Of An All Night Runner Cory Reese S Book, Nowhere Near First, Is An Immensely Entertaining And Profoundly Educational Story About Overcoming Challenges To Forge A Meaningful Life Reese S Story Is Must Read For People Looking To Find Meaning And Purpose In Modern Day Society Karl Hoagland, Publisher, UltraRunning Magazine Cory Has Penned A Very Personal Account Of Overcoming Hardship In His Personal And Athletic Life Nowhere Near First Tells His Story Of Perseverance And Survival In A Vivid, Down And Dirty Way That Peaks With His Extraordinarily Positive Way Of Looking At Life Marshall Ulrich, Author Of Running On Empty An Ultramarathoner S Story Of Love, Loss, And A Record Setting Run Across America

8 thoughts on “Nowhere Near First: Ultramarathon Adventures from the Back of the Pack

  1. NicG NicG says:

    I loved this book Cory Reese is an ordinary guy with a passion for running and an extraordinary amount of determination He gives detailed accounts of some of the ultramarathons he s taken part in, talking honestly about how they felt and how hard they were By the end of the book I felt inspired to run ultras and disappointed the book wasn t longer

  2. Rach85 Rach85 says:

    Lovely, positive, uplifting and modest A gentle and heartfelt glimpse into the world of ultra running Slightly worried about Cory s diet though

  3. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    A regular guy doing amazing things. The book gives you an insight into what is required to run longggg distances. Really enjoyed it and bought his 2nd book before finishing this one. Brought to life some fantastic runs..

  4. MR MR says:

    I absolutely loved this book It is probably the best running memoir I have read As a trail runner, it s easy to get discouraged reading things about and by the elites, but Cory s experience as a back of the pack runner is super relatable This book is hilarious and inspiring I highly recommend picking it up.

  5. ricatao ricatao says:

    I read ultrarunning books for motivation as I go farther in my training Generally it works well There is some demotivation in this one The author gives us details about race day issues to avoid, and some other practical knowledge His bragging about how nerdy he is can get a little tedious, and his frequent remarks about how much pain he is in makes a case for avoidance of the whole thing However, his determination is impressive and a common theme among back of the packers and elites alike I would recommend other books before this one, but I m glad I read it.

  6. C. Simmons C. Simmons says:

    Truly my favorite book ever I have read Nowhere Near First countless times, and will download the audio book to listen to during long races It makes me howl with laughter, sad at times, and always makes me want to get out and run I made the leap from half marathons to Ultra Marathons after reading this book, because Cory convinced me that I, too, could do it I ran the Across The Years 48 hour race last year and will again this year solely because Cory made it sound so amazing And it didn t disappoint Cory is humble, self deprecating, kind, insightful, and inspirational I wish I lived closer so his awesomeness could rub off on me Whether you run or not, Nowhere Near First is a worthy read.

  7. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Two years ago I began running with the goal of a completing 1 mile Fast forward to this year, I purchased Cory s book prior to running my first ultra 50 miles Nowhere Near First is hands down one of the most helpful pieces of reading I did while preparing By sharing his stories he answered so many questions I had about training, race day preparation and what to expect mentally I had read a lot of other books written by elite athletes and I had a hard time relating That is the best part of Cory s story is that he is constantly challenging himself, even when it s hard He also doesn t sugar coat what it feels like to go through really long events and suffering Suffering is part of the process and he embraces it Every chapter is like its own story and it flows extremely well If you start small, even with 1 mile, running an ultra can be possible Cory s book continues to inspire me to challenge myself to see what my limits are I will continue to go back to his book as a reference as I train for my first international trail race and a 100K in 2018.

  8. john demorest john demorest says:

    Humorous and insightful account of the joy, lessons, adventures, social network, healthy advantages psychologically well as physiologically ultrarunning affords This is not an egocentric all about me book but rather a universal tale about how by the commitment of effort and getting in this game, we can all reap the reward of happiness That is, it s an earned achievement of doing something hard and extraordinaryAs an aging ultrarunner for over 33 years, I was very inspired by the themes articulated by this book What hit home the most for me, was the point that while there may be winners as these events are races , but almost everyone involved is pulling for each participant in their own struggle of endurance to the last finisher and everyone in between Also, along with all the adventures afforded by ultrarunning, I have found no better group of people to be with from all walks of life with the shared interest in doing something so positively wonderful in so many ways This book reminded me of this.