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Previously published as Nujeen The story that is inspiring the world Read about Nujeen who escaped the hell of war in Aleppo and travelled to Europe in a wheelchair She is our hero Everyone must read her story She will inspire you MALALA YOUSAFZAI Nujeen Mustafa has cerebral palsy and cannot walk This did not stop her braving inconceivable odds to travel in her wheelchair from Syria in search of a new life Sharing her full story for the first time, Nujeen recounts the details of her childhood and disability, as well as the specifics of her harrowing journey across the Mediterranean to Greece and finally to Germany to seek an education and the medical treatment she needs Nujeen s story has already touched millions and in this book written with Christina Lamb, bestselling co author of I Am Malala , she helps to put a human face on a global emergency Trapped in a fifth floor apartment in Aleppo and unable to go to school, she taught herself to speak English by watching US television As civil war between Assad s forces and ISIS militants broke out around them, Nujeen and her family fled first to her native Kobane, then Turkey before they joined thousands of displaced persons in a journey to Europe and asylum She wanted to come to Europe, she said, to become an astronaut, to meet the Queen and to learn how to walk In her strong, positive voice, Nujeen tells the story of what it is really like to be a refugee, to have grown up in a dictatorship only for your life to be blighted by war to have left a beloved homeland to become dependent on others It is the story of our times told through the incredible bravery of one remarkable girl determined to keep smiling

15 thoughts on “Nujeen : One Girl's Incredible Journey from War-torn Syria in a Wheelchair

  1. Tomtiger Tomtiger says:

    Firstly I need to qualify this review in the context of the book having been chosen by the book club I belong to I read a lot now that I have retired, but my preferred genre is contemporary fiction So this doesn t really foot the bill and I do not think I would have read it by my own choice I might have been put off, for starters, by the title the adjective incredible is much in fashion and I dislike it We know these events are happening and dreadful though they may be I would no suggest that they are any less credible than say, was the Holocaust Anyone with any wit can see that the use of such a word is primarily to sensationalise It comes close to being a clich.This account of Nujeen s journey is ghost written by Christina Lamb A follow up, if you like, of her smash New York Times best seller I am Malala And I have no doubt that both have generated impressive revenues And why not It is an easy read The language is simple enough and probably fitting for someone who has or less had to educate herself and indeed has had to learn English by watching American soap operas on the television It reads as might a teenager s diary and is not by any stretch of the imagination any kind of scholarly dissertation on the politics of nations that are destroying and displacing their own citizens, and others accepting them as asylum seekers That is not to say the account is any less harrowing it paints a deeply moving picture of a sequence of harrowing events experienced by one who is little than a child The reader should be, and will be, shocked by it and by the depths of human depravity drawn up so starkly.For substance on the situation in Syria and the plight of refugees in general I prefer the informed and critical writing of journalists such as the late Marie Colvin, foreign affairs correspondent for the Sunday Times who was killed in Homs in 2012 But purely factual information is not what the Nujeen Lamb book is primarily concerned with, of course, and neither will be the readers of this book.The style is often light hearted and one wonders how Nujeen can almost joke about the trials she experienced, trials that would simply crush most people Her appetite for trivia as she tip tip taps on her smart phone across Europe is sometimes insatiable I told Nasrine an interesting fact that Icelanders consume Coca Cola per capita than any other nation So who on earth is interested in that, other, I suppose, than the Coca Cola marketing guys and dentists in Iceland looking for ways to reduce tooth decay Other reviewers have suggested that the real hero in this story is Nasreen, Nujeen s elder sister She was the one who actually had to propel Nujeen s wheelchair across Europe To call such a task gargantuan almost trivialises it She deserves a medal and I hope she got one.

  2. Sineddy Sineddy says:

    Nujeen s attitude and belief got her to her new life away from a potential early death in her homeland The majority of us reading her book will never go through such hardships as long as we live, I personally think her sister is the real star of this journey and her love for her sister possibly kept her going even wen she tough she had nothing left I really hope the royalties from being a young author helps the family in the future

  3. Linda M. Linda M. says:

    I loved being able to read Nujeens story it made me cry at times and laugh at her drole sense of humour as well, I think she is amazing and inspiring I know I will read her book again I first saw Nujeen on the BBC news talking to Fergal Keene and I new she was someone special then I hope all her wishes come true.

  4. Mrs. C. Wilton Mrs. C. Wilton says:

    Although I quite enjoyed this I was also irritated by her as such she was so self centred demanding This wasn t really her fault but due to her upbringing but this was just my feeling.

  5. literature-fiction.co Customer literature-fiction.co Customer says:

    Nujeen is funny and its amazing how she stayed so positive through out all the dreadful stuff she went through This book has opened my heart towards refugees and I hope it opens many hearts across the world Thank you for telling your story Nujeen X

  6. A Wheeler A Wheeler says:

    Well worth a read Helped me understand what it is like for refugees fleeing from Syria Really easy to read and you really bond with the author Have recommended to friends

  7. H. Fay H. Fay says:

    A truly moving read Really makes you realise that refugees are individual people, not just a homogeneous mass of humanity Each with their own story, sobering reading.

  8. Mr David A Hepburn Mr David A Hepburn says:

    Pulls at the heartstrings Couldn t put it down Reading a personal account of being a refugee brings you to tears.

  9. Dionne Brady Dionne Brady says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book It s very easy to read and a fantastic story I learned a lot about the Syrian civil war and now follow Nujeen on social media Would definitely recommend I ve now given it to my mum to read

  10. literature-fiction.co Customer literature-fiction.co Customer says:

    You will like Nujeen from the beginning Her story is amazing She s shining with positivity and this is probably what brought her luck and divine protection when death was nearby for her and her close family I m glad she has now a voice in the world and can show all her capabilities.

  11. Jo.G Jo.G says:

    A very inspiring account, not only of the suffering endured by Nujeen and the hundreds of thousands people like her, caught up in the horrific violence of the war in Syria, but also her courage and bravery as she and her family escape to a new life in Europe.

  12. patty patty says:

    May be a few politician s too, hey may learn s lot about Syria from this book Pat GROSS

  13. Tassass Tassass says:

    This book is as it was described, clean, good condition We have not read it yet Arrived promptly Thankyou.

  14. Witelsriverhiker Witelsriverhiker says:

    Wonderfull written great book.

  15. S.D.W. S.D.W. says:

    Amazing true life story.