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The Battle Was Won, But The War Isnt OverOne Month Ago, Olandons Older Sister Abdicated The Throne, Leaving Him A World He Never Expected To RuleWith His Mother Dead And Gone, The Osolis Court Should Be Exultant Instead, Those Of High Rank Close In On Every Side, Threatening To Endanger The New And Fragile PeaceThe Attacks On The Ire Folk Continue The Loyalty Of His Army Hangs By A Thread The Scrutiny Of Three Worlds Is On Him, Each Race Weighing What Kind Of Leader He Will BeYet All Olandon Can Focus On Is The Danger Creeping Closer To The Person He Loves, A Bruma He Never Thought To See Again, And A Person His Court Will Never AcceptA Person Who, If He Fails, Will Pay With Their Life He Is TatumBut He Has Never Felt Helpless In His LifePLEASE NOTE Olandon Is Part Of A Companion Novella Series And Is Designed To Be Read After Books In The Tainted AccordsReading Order Fantasy Of FrostFantasy Of FlightFantasy Of FireFantasy Of FreedomSinOlandonRhoneShard

5 thoughts on “Olandon: A Tainted Accords Novella, 4.6 (English Edition)

  1. Book Nerd Book Nerd says:

    My heart fell into my stomach once I hit the epilogue I couldn t believe the book was over I was so entranced by the story and caught up in everything that transpired that I didn t want it to be over I loved the flashbacks Since the previous books were all from Olina s point of view, you never really knew what Olandon had gone through and had bits and pieces until this book The author did a fantastic job with this novella and I m really looking forward to the next one

  2. Olga J Olga J says:

    I loved going back to The Tainted Accords world and revisiting my favorite characters as well as the new ones Being able to see things from Olandon s perspective made some things clearer I love the fact that Kelly gave us a glimpse of Lina and Jovan, I always enjoy anything with them in it This just makes me want to reread the series again and again Can t wait for Rhone

  3. Evelyn Puerto Evelyn Puerto says:

    Olina s brother takes center stage in this novella There were some interesting moments as Olandon comes to grips becoming the ruler of Osolis, a role he s always thought would go to his sister When his love interest arrives from Glacium, she becomes the star of the story, leaving Olandon to become a supporting player in what should have been his own story While not as good as the novels in the series, this novella was engaging and fun to read.

  4. Mdowntown Mdowntown says:

    I loved reading a story from Olandon s perspective I loved how Greta took control and changed the situation for better I also loved how Olandon chose his desires over the perceived desires of his court I feel like this novella completed of the TTA story We already knew Glacium was doing well, but Osolis had so many problems after Avanna I am glad Olandon and Greta were able to make changes that bettered the lives of Solati people and give them a future without tyranny.

  5. Megz288 Megz288 says:

    Loved this Novella Olandon s always been a character I d like to have known about He see s things different to Olina I liked that we had flash backs to his time traveling to Glacium I don t think i was ever sympathetic to his character in the TA main books, But seeing his POV has changed my view on him and his behavior I liked that this book is in the rough same time line as Sin and just after too.