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One Way Ticket is the story of a man and modern cycling Jonathan Vaughters is one of the leading figures in world cycling, a record breaking mountain climber, Tour de France stage winner and former teammate to Lance Armstrong He is now manager and influential figurehead of the renowned Education First World Tour team In One Way TicketNine Lives and Two Wheels he describes a journey from driven teenage prodigy, travelling to races in the back of his dad s station wagon, to an obsessive determination to make it big in European racing whatever the cost He tells the story of his transformation from poacher to gamekeeper, detailing his painful decision to finally come clean about his own descent into doping and to persuade others to do likewise by providing than enough shocking testimony to USADA US Anti Doping Agency to explode the Armstrong myth Working in collaboration with Jeremy Whittle, former cycling correspondent to The Times, now writing for The Guardian, Vaughters reveals the ease with which, his illusions shattered, he walked away from European racing He documents his own suffering in races, the trials of establishing a team and mentoring young riders, and the dizzying highs of success in races such as the Tour de France, Giro d Italia and Paris Roubaix Vaughters long and winding road mirrors that of cycling itself, as this compelling but troubled sport still struggles, after years of scandal, to restore its credibility Along the way, he shares his unique experience to lift the lid on a world he has both loathed and loved, detailing the fights and fall outs with cycling s leading figures, including Lance Armstrong, Pat McQuaid, Johan Bruyneel, Bradley Wiggins and Dave Brailsford

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  1. Chuffy Chuffy says:

    I ve always like JV he s been one of the very few people working at the top level of cycling who has been consistently willing to engage with fans and critics Being a former colleague of Lance Armstrong and intimately bound up in the doping history of the 90 s he has a lot of critics and it s to his credit that he s faced them head on through his Twitter account and by occasional ventures into online forums As pretty much all his contemporaries prefer to keep their heads down, that s made him a virtual pinata for some of the most stupid, spiteful and ill conceived attacks from cycling s peanut gallery.I was looking forward to this book, mostly because I was hoping to find out about the behind the scenes history of the US Postal years and Slipstream Unfortunately this isn t quite the book I was hoping for It really is a case of an autobiography being all about the author it s a tale of how a skinny geek learned to ride a bike, became obsessed, found out he had a talent and went about turning that talent into a career Then we get the transition into doping, the crisis of faith and eventual retirement It s very much the standard tale of any former pro of that era, but if you can relate to JV he s a good writer and certainly doesn t flatter himself What you do get is a sense of someone who wants to redeem themself from their many failures, which is why I always draw a line between dopers who feel some shame and are prepared to confront it and those who, quite frankly, don t give a toss looking at you Mr Valverde valv.piti rainbow jersey.You won t learn a huge amount about the history of his team and there s a lot there to tell the controversy about employing the likes of Alan Lim, a former DS sending a young rider to the same dodgy doctor who treated US Postal, Ton Danielson s positive, his falling out with David Millar and a whole load Even winning the Giro D Italia in 2012 is given barely a mention I guess that s a topic for another book, or even better a book by an impartial outsider with full cooperation from all involved You get a bit about working with Brad Wiggins, but even that feels like it s slightly sanistised and too raw to be properly explored.Overall it s worth a read if you want to enjoy a well written account of a pro s journey from gangly kid to cynical doper and beyond, but don t expect a blistering history lesson.

  2. Pilgrim Pilgrim says:

    As someone who is a lifelong cycling fan who fell for the Armstrong Cancer Miracle until it all unravelled, this book offers an interesting insight into this sorry chapter of the sport JV was closer than most to some of the key players of the era and his candid explantion of why he doped and his subsequent outspoken position on ex dopers and drugs is fascitinating JV s love of cycling itself, the training, and his suffering for the cause comes through loud and clear If, like me, you consider cycling your sport then you will really enjoy this book Unlike other ex pro biographies, you also get a detailed account of the highs and lows of running a pro Tour cyling team and what it is like to come up against the twin Vampire Squids of Team Sky and ASO in this regard the book is pretty unique and offers some thought provoking ideas about how the sport could be much better structured and governed to serve the needs of the many and not just the hyper elite few.Overall, a great book from a clearly intelligent and outspoken guy who deserves to be listened to.

  3. Neil Anderson Neil Anderson says:

    Jonathans book covers a life in cycling from a loner 12 Yr old who falls in love with the exotic far away world of European pro racing, to a pro living the dream, then EPO turning that dream into a nightmare and lifes traumas and success after the racing stopped up until 2019, so a real complete journey of the modern pro era For someone who is not an author by trade the book is so well written and so funny A truly amazing story is told with no punches pulled especially in self examination But the highest praise can be given to Jonathan as a human being full of amazing talent, determination and genuine integrity I have nothing but the highest respect for him and new insight to one of my favorite teams in the pro peloton EF Pro Cycling Diffidently a must read for any racing fan.

  4. Jesse Jesse says:

    I really enjoyed reading this seemingly candid account of JVs life It was at its best in dealing with the lance Armstrong relationship and was very interesting in recounting his management years.I also found it quite moving that it deliberately focused primarily on the professional not personal, but towards the end you could see the realisation that the two cannot be divorced from each other and there is a moving stock taking of what his life and relationships and profession have meant to JV.Top read

  5. Juice Free Juice Free says:

    An extremely well written and articulate book giving a warts and all view of professional cycling during the 90 s and up to the present day.Vaughters story starts in the light, moves though the dark and ends with a triumphant return to the light.A good book on professional cycling Enjoy.

  6. The Cyclist The Cyclist says:

    Insightful and well written The author sounds like an interesting and driven person that I d like to meet in real life Great book Great writing Great editing.

  7. WS WS says:

    Great insight into peleton and workings off a pro team from Jonathan Vaughters Doesn t quite tally with others accounts, particularly David Millar, and some views are clearly overly biased, but other than that a very enjoyable book.

  8. More books More books says:

    Great read Great autobiography I don t know Jonathan, but I do know and love the sport and while nothing in the book surprised or shocked me, I came away thinking the world of cycling is in a better place because of him On top, he just comes across as a top notch guy with his feet planted firmly on the ground Thanks for sharing your story Jonathan.