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A reunion between an estranged mother and daughter opens a world of secrets in a poignant novel by the bestselling author of Magnolia NightsJulia Martin grew up wealthy, but it wasnt until she met her husband, Jack, that she knew true happiness He made her feel worthy and loved Their marriage was also an escape from her sisters bullying, her fathers scrutiny, and her chilly and enigmatic mother But when tragedy strikes on the night she gives birth, Julias happiness is shattered She has no choice but to return home to her familys South Carolina mansion, where the grief and guilt buried in her mothers past await herAs a young woman trapped in a bitter marriage, Julias mother, Iris, once needed her own means of escape In Lily, she found a best friend In the flower shop they opened, she discovered independence Then came a transgressionunforgivable, unforgettable, and unresolvedthat changed Iriss life foreverNow, in Iriss most desperate hour, her only hope is to regain the trust of the daughter she lovesand to share the secrets of the heart that could rebuild a familys broken bonds

15 thoughts on “Only One Life: A Novel (English Edition)

  1. Mrs. L. Simpson Mrs. L. Simpson says:

    Another fantastic book, so easy to read

  2. Kathy Walls Kathy Walls says:

    Ashley Farley brings the characters and places to life and covers many of life s topics that are not a nice subject but true.

  3. Nicole Nicole says:

    This book was very easy to read, good story, lots of feelings, true friendship, enjoyed thoroughly.

  4. Pat Pantel Pat Pantel says:

    This book is very engaging and keeps you guessing at to the possible outcomes I recommend this book.

  5. jveazey jveazey says:

    Beautiful story This was definitely one of my favorite books written by Ashley Farley She had me completely engrossed by the end of the first chapter When the book begins we meet Julia and Jack Martin who are anxiously waiting for the birth of their baby They have had a struggle in the past with pregnancy so this is a happy time for them We find out early on that Julia grew up in a home with money but maybe not the happiest of homes, since she has been estranged from her family since marrying Jack They don t have a lot of money and the struggle is real, but they don t lack in love and devotion to each other Jack is a great husband And soon to be a great dad Julia is anxious to become a mom and looking forward to raising a family together Unfortunately tragedy strikes when Julia goes into labor and their lives are changed foreverWhether she wants to or not, Julia must now return home to her mother Iris and try to mend the broken relationship they once had Mother and daughter learn so much about each other Julia had no idea that Iris was trapped in a loveless marriage all these years She still has to struggle with a sister her continues her bullying ways, never growing out of her bad behavior as a child Julia also must face some real truths about her father He is not the man she had hoped he was Together, her mother and her forge a new bond and begin to heal together I love how this book explores all of their lives and even goes back in time when Julia and her sister were young Ashley has a way of weaving a beautiful story that keeps you engrossed and wanting to know This book is suspenseful, dramatic, heartfelt, and loving I loved the characters as well as the setting I fully intend to listen to the audible version as well This was a beautifully written novel Thank you Ms Ashley

  6. Gramma Paparazzi Gramma Paparazzi says:

    I thought I had read every one of her books, but thank God I ve discovered one I missed so I ll be starting that one right away Ashley writes the most incredible woman s books that just make you want to forget everything you should be doing, and just read, read, read until the end Please keep them coming

  7. Mary Ann N Irby Mary Ann N Irby says:

    Another wonderful novel I wait patiently for your books and am never disappointed I love that you are so compassionate about women and all the issues women must face Thank you for each and every story Your love for the low country and Richmond fill my heart I ll wait for our next adventure.

  8. Flipflops1971 Flipflops1971 says:

    I stumbled across Ashley Farley books as they were given to me as a gift Well I have read all of them and pre order every new book as it becomes available She is one of my favorite authors This book was so good I absolutely loved it.

  9. Charlene Ray Charlene Ray says:

    Grateful is what we are for you writing such novels thatAre so heartfelt and leaves for wanting .Loved this book as I have loved and read all of yourBooks I am hoping and thinking that you have left roomFor a sequel I love the low country

  10. 1Barkeep 1Barkeep says:

    This was a tedious trite book written with such melodrama that it could have been written for a soap opera Julia loses the self proclaimed love of her life when he is killed while driving her to the hospital after having so many miscarriages, complete with a horrendous rainstorm during the drive Penniless, she is forced to move back to her hometown with her parents In the following two or so weeks, which comprises nearly the entirety of the novel, she moves out of her parent s home to live with an innkeeper with whom she falls in love in weeks When she said that, in such a short time, she missed her dead husband less and less each day, it was incredulous to me You don t stop missing the love of your life every day, but you do get better at living with that loss Her new love was the son of her mother s best friend and she finds out that her mother had been in love with his father for years.In that same few weeks, her father is accused of murder in which he framed her mother, dies, her mother is taken to a psychiatric hospital for several breakdowns she inherits her mother s flower business, finds an empty warehouse, and expands the business, all with her new love dutifully by her side.There really was no need for an epilogue as the ending was apparent nearly from the beginning It just became a technicality of actually finishing the book I wasn t very hopeful that it would get better and it never did.

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The story is underwhelming The characters are basic and one dimensional to the point of almost being ridiculous For example the bad sister is so mean with no explanation The mother stays with an abusive criminal with no reason for 41 years I could go on and on with the bad plot line And I m not sure what the editor was doing but he or she was certainly not cutting out pointless details that did nothing to either being depth of description or move the story forward I wanted to like this book based on the sample with its dramatic start but it was a terrible let down.

  12. marrene2 marrene2 says:

    A very enjoyable read I especially enjoyed reading an interesting book that wasn t full of gutter sex every few sentences plus trashy language The author allowed us to use our own imaginations and kept the story moving along nicely Am so happy I chose this book to read.

  13. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I had never read this Author before What a pleasant suprise This family story is touching yet so heart wrenching A mother trapped with a cruel husband for years tries to help change the course for her daughters One daughter is loving kind, the other almost impossible to love A story of friendship, family struggles that I couldn t put down.

  14. PANSY PANSY says:

    This book was simply wonderful As a matter of fact, I was sad to see it end I have never had the privilege of visiting the Low Country , as it is affectionately called I certainly hope to experience the traditions sometime in the near future In addition, I have already become a fan of Ashley Farley I am eagerly anticipating the publication of her next book I highly recommend this book

  15. Sherri R. Sherri R. says:

    I so thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It s a book that delves into the heart soul of very flawed marriages pays honor to very good ones There s life, death, despair elation, all within the nucleus of a family There is friendship that flows from one generation to another This is a new author to me, but I m excited to read of her works I highly recommend this book to anyone.