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Es sind die ber hmten 14 Managementpunkten in voller Erl uterung enthalten Das war auch der einzige Grund f r meinen Kauf Als Buch gef llt mir das New Econonomics des Autors besser. Anyone, from the President or MD down, who wants to make their company really succeed should read this It is written in Deming s easy style, with clear explanation and examples His 14 points and Deadly Diseases avoid slogans and the usual feeling of being just this week s good idea they translate into practical measures that last.Deming rarely seems to claim the ideas in the book for himself, preferring to give credit to those around him It has been left to others to give him the credit he deserves as one of the 20th century s great maangement thinkers. This Book Analyses Quality Control And Productivity In All Aspects Of Industry Dr Deming Provides A Full Account Into Improving Quality, Productivity And Competitive Position While Seeing How The Key Role Of Management Plays A Part The Emphasis Of The Book Is A Better Understanding Of The Causes And Resolving Them In The Industry BusinessDeming Offers A Theory Of Management Based On His Famous Points For Management Long Term Commitment To New Learning And New Philosophy Is Required Of Any Management That Seeks Transformation The Timid And The Fainthearted, And The People That Expect Quick Results, Are Doomed To DisappointmentAccording To W Edwards Deming, American Companies Require Nothing Less Than A Transformation Of Management Style And Of Governmental Relations With Industry In Out Of The Crisis, Originally Published In , Deming Offers A Theory Of Management Based On His Famous Points For Management Management S Failure To Plan For The Future, He Claims, Brings About Loss Of Market, Which Brings About Loss Of Jobs Management Must Be Judged Not Only By The Quarterly Dividend, But By Innovative Plans To Stay In Business, Protect Investment, Ensure Future Dividends, And Provide Jobs Through Improved Product And Service In Simple, Direct Language, He Explains The Principles Of Management Transformation And How To Apply ThemPreviously Published By MIT CAES