[[ Free Pdf ]] Oxford Greek-English Learner's DictionaryAuthor D N Stavropoulos – Bilb-weil.de

A revised version of the popular Greek English dictionaryThis dictionary places particular emphasis on the idioms of Greek and their translation into English, with information on grammar and usage as well as just meaning

12 thoughts on “Oxford Greek-English Learner's Dictionary

  1. Greenboxer Greenboxer says:

    This is an excellent dictionary for anyone wanting to study Greek at any level It is a very comprehensive work, which is a pleasure to use It is not primarily aimed at users looking for a dictionary for casual tourist use its size and weight and price would probably rule it out for this purpose.The layout is very clear, with good use of colour, though the font size is a little on the small side The plus side of this is that it is a nice volume to handle, and a reasonable size in view of the amount of information it contains The different meanings of the words are clearly set out, with good use of examples where relevant There is a useful grammar section at the end giving tables of word endings for different cases and tenses A nice touch is that the main entry for each word indicates the appropriate table with the correct endings.The only thing which prevents me from giving this volume a 5 star rating is a basic flaw in its companion volume That is that the English Greek volume does not give the genders of the greek words, which means looking up every word twice once to find the greek word, and then in this volume to find the gender and other information This makes the whole two volume package much less useful than it could be This is a great shame, as otherwise this is a first class reference work.

  2. Carol Small Carol Small says:

    There aren t a huge number of Greek English dictionaries on the market, but this is by far and away the best of them It s up to date, it is comprehensive with a large number of entries and best of all it gives lots of examples of the usage of words.It s a great shame that a the English Greek dictionary isn t of the same quality and b it isn t available as an e book Surely if any book deserves to be published electronically it should be a dictionary

  3. alan grant alan grant says:

    For a lot of words this book gives examples of use for verbs past present future and nouns genitive accusative A great learning aid, not just a dictionary.As my eyes are not so good I would have preferred each word header to be bold black rather than the blue used in this edition, but not too bad in daylight.

  4. Nicole Williams Nicole Williams says:

    I purchased this dictionary as an upgrade to an older edition of my Oxford Greek English Dictionary I find the Learner s Dictionary very easy to use It is clearly set out and the new version has words in blue and definitions in black ink making it much easier to navigate There are a lot of up dates and inclusion of new vocabulary The Greek English and English Greek Dictionaries are now the same height, which makes storage neater than previously.

  5. parenting-relationships.co Customer parenting-relationships.co Customer says:

    Great dictionary lots of examples of greek usage as well as definition The edition I received included the gender of nouns so I m assuming previous reviews had different edition.Would recommend this over concise dictionaries but it is a proper volume

  6. stephen Walsh stephen Walsh says:

    Probably the very best Greek English dictionary available for the learner of the modern language.A magnificent achievement Language as it is spoken.

  7. Jools Jools says:

    An in depth and mainly very accurate dictionary, probably of interest to people serious about studying Greek as not cheap, but a good investment.

  8. leonard694 leonard694 says:

    This is the brother to the English Greek dictinary I bought and both are excellent.

  9. Franco Franco says:

    A parte la criminale nuova ortografia, cui non si pu pi porre rimedio, questo al momento il miglior dizionario greco moderno lingua straniera, che il mercato offra Non completo, n questa era l intenzione dell autore, ma il materiale proposto ampio Chi volesse una panoramica pi ampia, dovrebbe ricorrere a un grande dizionario in lingua pubblicato prima degli anni 70, come quello di Stamatakos.

  10. Agustín Camino Agustín Camino says:

    In my opinion, this is a very good dictionary It is only Greek English Entries are thorough and really helpful connections with different categories and examples in context are provided.

  11. Yves Goudaliez Yves Goudaliez says:

    J ai beaucoup aim ce dictionnaire Il est tr s bien fait et s adresse des personnes plus ou moins d butantes qui veulent perfectionner leurs connaissances en grec moderne niveau B1, B2, C1.

  12. ルドヴィコ ルドヴィコ says:

    The Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary Learner s Greek English English Greek Pocket Pocket