[ Free Prime ] Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition: English-Thai Edition: Bilingual Dictionary for Thai-speaking teenage and adult students of English.Author Jayme Adelson-Goldstein – Bilb-weil.de

A new edition of the popular picture dictionary, available inbilingual editions that meet the language needs of young adult and adult students around the world I teach English as a second language to Thai students and have found this dictionary very useful for teaching essential vocabulary. My wife s native language is Thai and though I never see her reading this book or watching American media she is constantly bringing out new words and phrases and if I m playing pranks on her by hiding this book she gets upset so she s obviously finding time to read it I recommend it. The OPD shines in providing practical vocabulary in American English with pictorial support for all kinds of everyday needs The situation based color coded sections are easy to locate, the labeling is clear, and there are two word indexes in the back of the book, one in English and one in the second language for the bilingual editions I recommend the OPD to all my students. Works well for my wife who is learning English Warm Fuzzy beginning but not unsophisticated, good breadth and depth reference for native Thai speaker learning English This is not a book if your intent is to learn Thai unless you can already read Thai characters. My wife is a college educated lady for Thailand and she just loves this book I would say also that the author did an excellent job. Thai girlfriend loved it and learned from this like a pro I researched for similar books and this is the only one of its kind It is a winner. very good This book is great for learning how to function in american society I was mistaken by thinking it was also a dictionary, but it s mostly a guide or textbook type There are still many words that are not in this book If you are looking for a dictionary this does not really serve that purpose, but it is a good book for learning teaching.