[read online Reading] Oxford Take Off in RussianAuthor Nick Ukiah – Bilb-weil.de

Excellent content, everything is well explained and easy to follow The audio component is the best I have found in any language course, though it would have been helpful if the book had shown the CD track numbers alongside the listening activities My only gripe is that the paper quality is very poor and the pages are falling out of the book. This package adopts the functional approach to language teaching, basing its chapters on different everyday needs such as shopping, eating and doing business Each chapter has an integrated grammatical feature There is a well structured flow between listening exercises and textual support.I think this may suit some I found the package rather uninteresting, with few cultural or historical references Functional it certainly is Also, and this is subjective, I did not find the explanations of grammatical structures particularly clear. Excellent use The combined book and tape set provides a great way to get started and build some understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet and the fundamentals of the Russian language.The book provides useful general hints on learning a foreign language which will be helpful to anyone new to this sort of thing The approach taken also helps the material to sink in a bit better The chapters are all of manageable length with sections that explain the grammar, introduce new language via discussions of Russian culture and expand the concepts with dialogues between characters.The tapes are great for learning the pronunciation and for practicing and developing your own verbal skills The system of doing a couple of sections in the book followed by a couple of sections in the tape breaks things up a bit and promotes concentration.Using the book and tapes together helped greatly with my studies, but I did use other books and tapes to supplement what I was learning. this item is one of the most useful things i ve bought, along with tatu albums lol i have successfully started to learn the russian language.I loved the russian accent and so i decided to give learning the language a go.i think the combination of a book and cd s, is a very clever idea, this makes it possible to listen to the cd s at any free time, including your sleep Research into language learning has proved that the easiest and most effective way to learn to speak or write a foreign language is by developing the key skills of listening and comprehension With almost 5 hours of audio content, reinforced by a clearly laid out course book, this course offers an innovative approach to language learning Oxford Take off in Russian is designed specifically to meet the needs of beginner speakers learning Russian on their own It offers a comprehensive Russian language course for anyone from the absolute beginner to the student who wants to brush up on forgotten language skills This course book is also available as a pack with the audio content on CD 0198603118 , or on cassette 019860310x