Download kindle Parkour: The Complete Guide to Parkour and Freerunning for Beginners By Jason Jones –

So you ve seen some videos on YouTube where these guys are running across rooftops, bounding from one building to the next in a style you might only have seen before in the movies Their movements are fluent, and they seem to have no fear of trying to jump afoot gap between buildings while doing a couple fancy tricks here and there, and this has been peaking your curiosity to no end How do they do thatParkour is a sport that requires extreme mental focus and physical strength, but it is also a sport that anyone can learn You don t need any special equipment to get started, but that doesn t mean it s easy to do The aim of this audiobook is get a complete beginner up and running pun intended in the basic elements of Parkour This book will help to give you the confidence and basic skills you need to start participating in the sportHere s a preview of what s insideIntroduction to Parkour What Makes Parkour Different from Freerunning How to Safely Learn Parkour Parkour Equipment and Gear Parkour Balances Long Range Movement Parkour Landings Parkour Jumping Parkour Vaults Conditioning Your Body for Parkour Advanced Techniques Parkour Resources And Much More