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The increasing popularity of the study of Persian also known as Farsi, Tajiki or Dari in the English speaking world, has created a need for a bi directional Persian English dictionary geared towards English speakers who are learning Persian The features of the Persian English English Persian Learner s Dictionary which make it unique are Bi directional This is the first and only Persian English English Persian dictionary in one volume which features both Persian and transliteration Alphabet The alphabet used in Persian is completely different from the English This can be a major barrier in the early stages of learning the language This dictionary provides a simple transliteration of the Persian word along with its equivalent in the Persian alphabet Alphabetical order In this dictionary, the alphabetical order in the Persian English section is based on the English spelling This makes it easy for the user who is not familiar with the Persian alphabet to find a word Correct use of words This dictionary gives synonyms in various contexts allowing the student to easily choose the correct meaning Entries Approximately , entries covering both day to day and specialised vocabulary The Audience for this dictionary is English speaking students of Persian English speakers who are seeking to communicate with Persian speakers Children of Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks outside their homeland who wish to learn their mother language Persian speakers who wish to learn English

12 thoughts on “Persian-English English-Persian Learner's Dictionary

  1. K. Sandbach K. Sandbach says:

    This is a pretty specialist niche in the UK market so there aren t many options if this is the kind of dictionary you need but if you do, then this is a really good one to start with.It is aimed at beginners and perhaps intermediate level The format is like this first half of the dictionary is English to Persian Words are listed in order of English alphabet, and for each word you get the Persian word in English letters then in Persian script Note that the Persian script does not include the vowel marks that some beginner books include Each entry is quite minimal, so there is no description of the meaning of the word nor other information about the word The exception to this is verbs, where both the infinitive and present stem are given second half of the dictionary is Persian to English Each entry starts with the Persian word written in English letters, then the same word in Persian script again without vowel marks , and finally the English word This half of the dictionary is listed in alphabetical order of the Persian words as they are written in English letters.Overall the dictionary is just over 300 pages long so it is far from comprehensive, but certainly good enough for beginner and maybe intermediate students.Given the few options in the market for a dictionary like this, I find it invaluable Highly recommended.

  2. Ismael Ismael says:

    Others have already explained how this dictionary works Let me just add one thing The only reason this book does not deserve five stars is the poor binding quality They literally fall apart I have already bought three of these dictionaries With the present price of 22, this is getting expensive.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Very good for anyone learning the language It has phonetics and Farsi alphabet.

  4. billc billc says:

    This is a rather basic dictionary just a list of words E P P E with no idioms or usage help The P E side is listed alphabetically under the pronunciation so if you see a word in P script it might cause a problem figuring out the vowels correctly in order to look it up It s a learner s dictionary, as it says, so it s a fair start but it s too limited to serve for very long.

  5. Jez Jez says:

    With a good range of up to date vocabulary this dictionary is a real winner, particularly if you want entries in both Farsi script and Roman transcription My only criticism is that the paper quality is not the best Given the overall high quality of this item I can live with that

  6. yfft yfft says:

    It is a good book, although it is a little difficult for me to accustom I mean in the part persian english, the auther put the persian words in the order of English spelling Anyway, it is OK.And I want to say if you are not a native english speaker,you need to think twice before you buy this book.

  7. Mr. A. J. Dandy Mr. A. J. Dandy says:

    A basic dictionary Does not contain enough words, so quickly becomes frustrating However it does say Learner s Dictionary I would go for a comprehensive one otherwise its a case of buy cheap, buy twice.

  8. M. Ilich M. Ilich says:

    This is an excellent investment I am giving myself an intense 3 month self taught Persian course and at this stage I only want to work on my speaking listening skills This is the 6th or 7th language I have tackled and my personal experience which reflects the way in which I learn best is that a non Roman alphabet is a barrier in the early phases I decided that this could definitely apply to Persian as the vowels are not marked in the script Two months along I am building vocabulary rapidly and actually becoming familiar with the script long before I had planned to learn it I am puzzled by those who find the vocabulary inadequate As someone who has a broad range of interests including politics and biology entomology , I have been pleasantly surprised to find all the odd words I have wanted to learn However, I should note that I have also used Mirsadeghi s 1000 most useful Persian words to build a basic vocab, as well as vocabulary lists in course books At some stage I will want a regular dictionary but at this stage, this answers all my needs It is also a handy size and not too heavy.

  9. Case Reviewer Case Reviewer says:

    This is a great simple dictionary suitable for beginner learners It has all the basic vocabulary and is simple and quick to use I ve made good use of it despite having the comprehensive Aryanpur volume.

  10. GM GM says:

    M s que un diccionario es un glosario o lexic n, muy adecuado para estudiantes que se inician en el estudio de esta lengua El servicio de entrega cumpli con la fecha comprometida

  11. James James says:

    Besides some minor phonetic differences and missing words, I found this to be the most useful resource available for English speakers learning Farsi

  12. SABAHI SABAHI says:

    Un dictionnaire un des seuls avec les mots persans crit en alphabet latin Tr s pratique pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas l alphabet perse