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If you love to golf and want to improve your form, improve your score, or reduce your chances of injury, Pilates is for you All the twisting and swinging that golfers do can take a toll on the body, especially on the lower back My Personalizing Pilates Golfers workout will help you to increase your mobility and flexibility at all of the joints that contribute to a smooth, efficient golf swing You ll feel better on the course and you ll find that you can drive the ball farther without suffering any discomfort later on The Personalizing Pilates Golfers workout program includes three files First is the free Ab Tutorial, which is a short MP workout that teaches you how to find and engage your deepest, supportive abdominal muscles These muscles are important because they support the spine and flatten the tummyIn the MP, my voice guides you through a gentle Pilates workout that focuses on strengthening your abdominals, mobilizing your hips and shoulders, and encourages rotation in the spine For those of you who are visual learners, a photo illustrated document is included that shows the exercises in the order in which they are taughtThis workout was created by and is taught by Sherry Lowe Bernie, owner of Personalizing Pilates Sherry is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, which means that you are working with one of the best Pilates teachers you can find Sherry has overyears experience teaching Pilates and overyears teaching fitness