[[ Free ]] Peter Spier's Circus!Author Peter Spier – Bilb-weil.de

The pictures are so fun But the storyit s not a narrative, just a description of the circus Most of it is facts, people s names and countries or origin Not a good read for my 4yo, but she loves looking at the illustrations. I love Peter Spier s work Rain, People, Noah s Ark , so was looking forward to this text I have to say, it s not nearly as good as my favorite Spier books The illustrations are good, but the text and story aren t as interesting as I d hoped. We took our grandchildren to the circus I purchased this book as a follow up from the outing It is perfect to reinforce what we saw at the circus and a nice reminder of the memories we made there The illustrations were very appealing and I was impressed with the content.I bought six different books an this is by far the best Very informative GOOD PURCHASE I bought this book for my six year old but it s not a good book to read aloud Many small pictures on each page It is better for older children to read on their own. Trained Elephants, Horses, Dogs, And Seals, As Well As Jugglers, Acrobats, Lion Tamers, Tumblers, And Others, Perform Their Daring Feats When The Circus Comes To Town