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Richard Scarry is a brilliant author for children who love intricate drawings and finding things in pictures, this book, and many other Richard Scarry books, amused my son for years. A cartoon book that is full of technical information, has beautifully drawn pictures and insidiously teaches science without your children noticing What s not to like Seriously I remember Busy busy World from when I was a child and I just love Richard Scary s drawings They are so detailed and complex and beautiful. Brilliant book, even for a 2yo as it gives the opportunity to look at the pictures and describe the theme way before reading the text. Any of Richard Scarry s books are a real hit with my 3 year old son We ve got to the stage that we can t get him interested in anything else at bedtime The very nature of the book prompts lots of questions and he constantly refers to the books during the day We ve just come back from holiday and I bought the Airport book which he had to have for the whole journey, pointing out the various parts of the check in and flight as illustrated in the book Same goes for Trucks and cars Really good buy as are all of this author s books. Fantastic books by a hugely imaginative and humorous artist My kids enjoyed these books and now their wee ones are captivated by the mass of detail and amusing scenes Thank you Richard Scarry. A gift therefore cannot comment Good value and service Thanks. An amazing new Richard Scarry collection filled with hilarious stories about jet planes, rockets, spacecraft and other things that fly It s the perfect partner to Cars and Trucks and Things that Go and set to be a new Scarry favouriteIn this collection Huck takes flying lessons, we learn how planes and birds fly, the cat family goes to the air show, and Wolfgang Wolf, Benny Baboon and Harry Hyena take a trip to the moon in their own rocket Packed with amazing Scarry detail and with stories that can be read again and again, this book will give hours of fun to fans of planes, rockets and flying I remember Richard Scarry from my own childhood, so buying this for my son was lovely The detail, humour and challenging vocabulary and ideas expressed keep my son 3 1 2 interested time after time A world without Scarry would be like a broken pencil pointless. Why arent richard scarry book not well known in england They should be Each page gives you so much reading with all the things the characters and planes etc are doing kids just love them