Download ePUB Play Better Golf with Easy Yoga: Yoga Fitness for Maximum Performance (Audio Download): Patricia Bacall, Dave Wright, Benesserra Publishing: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Patricia Bacall –

Even though I think this would help all age groups it is especially is helpful as you get older with balance, core, flexibility.Makes the game enjoyable while reducing injury risk Golf pros everywhere are using and recommending yoga to provide a complete, comprehensive workout, aid in mastering the mental game and foster consistent play On and off the course, golfers who practice yoga enjoy greater confidence, power, and focus Learn special breathing techniques to calm the mind and relax the body, leading to tireless, effortless play and greater shot distance and control Strengthen your core, enhance muscle memory and increase flexibility reducing the risk of golf related injury and shortening recovery time Join professional golfers like Gary Player, Stewart Cink, Brad Faxon, Aaron Baddley, Jonathan Kyle, JL Lewis, Ty Tryon, Andrew Magee, Gary McCord, Julie Inkster, Betsy King and Jill McGill all of whom have gained the competitive edge with the practice of yoga Start today Lower your score and your blood pressure the easy way Play Better Golf with Easy Yoga And old people need to stretch out on a routine basis This is a fun way for the golfer to approach ageing issues and maintain his her game at the same time Good read Thought there would be golf specific exercises, but there weren t any I would rate it high as a yoga book, but only average when trying to relate it to golf. I have received this book and am using it It is very good. First of all let me say that I am NOT a golfer, have never played golf ok, once, but nobody would really call what I did golfing and this book will not inspire me to play golf But I really did ENJOY THIS BOOKit could almost be subtitled Play better everything because altho it very specifically focuses on the game of golf, the principles and foundation certainly transcend golf Full disclosure here I am a yogi, and Ms Bacall s clear and simple relationship of yoga to golf could apply to anything The Inner Game of Tennis and I AM a tennis player So, if you re a golfer, I highly recommend this book if you re any kind of athlete, and want to enjoy improve the game you like, read this book. I don t think I can devote my life to yoga My wife says that I lack initiative and wonders what I m going to do about it I said she should listen to herself.That being said there s a lot of exercises in here that I ve been working on that do exactly what they say about flexibility and strength.