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since purchase and after using for just 7 days, a great imprvement in my golf Now use it at least 2 times a day, and cant wait to test it on the golf course Its worth the money. A Superb, High Quality Hypnosis Audio Program Combining Skilled Hypnotherapy Techniques With State Of The Art Digital Recording Technology Play Great Golf Will Help Golfers Of All Standards To Develop A Strong Mental Focus And Consistently Play Great Golf Also Includes Modelling Techniques And Many Post Hypnotic Suggestions To Help The Listener Develop Great Timing, Judgement, And Self Belief Knowing how important it is to stay focused and maintain control when playing I have been looking for some guidance to help with my golf.The results have been very encouraging.Certainly a couple of breathing exercises alone have assisted in me playing better and enable me to reduce the tension coming down the stretch. It may just be me but I can t stand this blokes voice so it will never hypnotise me he sounds like a bit of a geezer since listening to the cd every day for the last 3 weeks my game has vastly improved had 3 lessons from a pro in the 3 weeks previous and was striking the ball great on the range but could not do it on the course the improvement is probably down to a combination of things , but I feel that I am relaxed on the course which has a lot to do with the cd the I listen to the cd the quicker I relax and feel positive about how I am playing give it a try you have nothing to lose. It does help one to play better golf. Bought this for my Dad It is too soon to say if it has made a difference to his golf, but definitely good for focus and relaxation But I m hopeful in turn it will help his golf game. Great