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Golf Is A Great Game, But It Can Also Be Extremely Frustrating Developing Your Mental Strength, Positive Thinking, Confidence, And Visualisation Is A Lot Easier And Effective Than Hitting Thousands Of Practice Balls You Will Never Know Your True Potential Until You Discover How To Find The Zone , And Stay There Longer Prepare For A Magical Journey At The Speed Of Light To Steal From The World Of Hypnosis, Meditation, Zen, NLP, Universal Laws, And Quantum Energy You Are Guaranteed To Be A Better Golfer, And Will Enjoy Confidence Off The Course Too These Techniques Can Be Just As Effective For Other Sports And Life Challenges Too Others Have Used These Same Tools To Create Richness In Their Lives Dr Simpson Is A Medical Doctor, Specialist, Fellow Of The Royal Society Of Medicine, And Best Selling Audiobook Author He Combines His Medical, MBA, And NLP Trainer Skills With His Experience As An Elite Performance Coach To Deliver Unique And Highly Successful Golf Coaching Programmes Dr Simpson Has Also Caddied On The European And Seniors Tours, And His Clients Include Tournament Professionals As Well As Amateur Players Of All Ability Levels Do Not Be Surprised If Other Parts Of Your Life Improve Too Thousands Have Benefited From His Proven Techniques Why Don T You Become One Of Them

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  1. Green fields Green fields says:

    Thats how Dr Simpson titles his conclusion and it echos my sentiment I quite enjoy an occasional self help guru manual but this one is pretty poor The idea that this will improve anyones golf is nonsense It doesn t actually contain anything of any real substance Superficial is the word The last chapter on quantum physics is clearly a step to far for the good Doctor s brain He is unable to create a any sense of it s relevance, probably because there is none I can assure him that the subject of quantum physics is not a common debate amongst my saturday morning four ball Save your money or put it towards the inner game of golf a much better read all round.

  2. John Clarke John Clarke says:

    I have just received the book Play Magic Golf by Dr Stephen Simpson and read it straight through For me, it puts the meat on the bones of what I have been listening to, for nigh on, the last two years.I am just an ordinary bloke who loves playing golf..but was frequently dissappointed and frustrated round after round because I knew I SHOULD and COULD play better golf I had all the equipment..I knew what I was SUPPOSED to do..but couldn t actually do itsomething was missing In January 2009 I bought the CD Play Magic Golf by Dr Stephen Simson and started listening to it regularly..several times a week To be honest..I never hear the end of the CD as I feel so relaxed I have normally fallen asleepbut that doesn t matter as the message gets through to the sub conscious There is no technical advice as to the mechanics of golf of how to grip the club which swing path to take etc..but it changes your mental perception to golfit focuses you on the positives of golf,..of life You may not have your best round, but you don t come off the golf course and beat yourself upyou feel at ease with yourself HAPPYand suddenly you have stepped up a level This does not happen overnightyou won t wake up next morning and shoot your best ever round..it takes time to change HOW your mind works..you have to work at it and train it Please believe me when I say NO ONE is supprised than I am, at how my golf has changed I was open minded and willing to try anything to help mebut I didn t really believe that it actually would I DO NOW.Stephen believes passionately in what he does..he is passionate in his desire to help others..he has personally answered EVERY letter I have sent to him and I THANK HIM for all the help he has given me Now, no matter what I do to everything I say I CAN DO THAT