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Susan Glaspell was an American novelist who won a Pulitzer Prize for her plays Her writing is known for developing sympathetic characters and understanding the complexities of life Her interest in philosophy and religion is seen in her works The four plays in this collection are The Outside, Trifles, The Verge and Inheritors She uses language well such that her plays, while set well in her historical time, escapes her it to speak universally to succeeding generations. Es un libro que se lo han exigido a mi hijo para el instituto 2 Bachillerato It s great I got this so I could read the play version of Trifles which was also published as a short story called A Jury of Her Peers which I think is still one of the most relevant stories we can find about domestic abuse, which is the overt theme, but also about the mutual support that minorities of the same group will give each other in extremities It s brilliant.