Download kindle Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical HebrewAuthor Todd J Murphy –

Of Greek and Hebrew, Hebrew strikes the most fear in the heart of the Bible student The alphabet does not look anything like English The vocabulary offers almost no points of contact with English The verb system is utterly alien And the lexicons, grammars and textbooks are wrapped up in a metalanguage spiked with Latin that is daunting in itself For those who feel that studying the English Old Testament is a challenge, the thought of reading it in Hebrew is extreme Hebrew students need all the help they can get If you are beginning your study of Hebrew and the Hebrew Bible, this pocket dictionary by Todd J Murphy is for you From ablative to zaqeph qaton, it defines the tangled terms that infest Hebrew textbooks, grammars and lexicons Here is a book that will deliver you from the perils of the Piel and the thicket of metathesis It is an indispensable glossary that will cut through that technical language neither Hebrew nor English that hovers like ground fog over the study and discussion of biblical Hebrew Now you can devotetime to enjoying biblical Hebrew in all its richness

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