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A secret lies buried at the heart of her family but it can t stay hidden foreverWhen Cara stumbles across a stash of old postcards in the attic, their contents make her question everything she thought she knewThe story she pieces together is confusing and unsettling, and appears to have been patched over with lies But who can tell her the truth With her father sinking into Alzheimer s and her brother reluctant to help, it seems Cara will never find the answers to her questions One thing is clear, though someone knowsthan they re letting onTorn between loyalty to her family and dread of what she might find, Cara digs into the early years of her parents troubled marriage, hunting down long lost relatives who might help unravel the mystery But the picture that begins to emerge is not at all the one she d expected because as she soon discovers, lies have a habit of multiplyingRevised edition This edition of Postcards from a Stranger includes editorial revisions