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A poignant page turner about the devastating effects of abusive relationships and the ripples that can impact future generations Postcards from a Stranger drew me in from the beginning and didnt let me go until its final pagesClark doesnt offer any easy solutions yet the book is filled with hope and the possibility of second chances Emily Cavanagh, author of This Bright Beauty and The Bloom SistersBringing up children is hard and sometimes as I made yet another meal or listened to reading homework or crawled around on my hands and knees searching for the last piece of a jigsaw I thought about running away There is an airport not far from my home and I imagined turning up at the desk and just asking to be put on the first available flight outBut something always stopped me Who would take them to ballet, iron their school clothes, read them a bedtime story So I didnt run away but the thought had sparked an idea that started to interest me What kind of mother might leave her children and what might make her go That turned into Postcards From a Stranger in which I explore the concept of the absent mother and imagine how her loss impacts on the family she leaves behind

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