ePUB Power to the Princess: 15 Favorite Fairytales Retold with Girl PowerAutor Vita Murrow – Bilb-weil.de

Brilliant Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review What If Princesses Didnt Always Marry Prince Charming And Live Happily Ever After In This Stunning Anthologyelegantly Presented In A Red, Clothbound Hard Cover With Gold Toned Metallic Debossing Favorite Fairytales Have Been Retold For A New Generation These Princesses Are Smart, Funny, And Kind, And Can Do Anything They Set Their Minds To Focused On Issues Including Self Image, Confidence, LGBTQ, Friendship, Advocacy, And Disability, These Stories Are Perfect For Sharing Between Parents And Children, Or For Older Princesses Or Princes To Read By Themselves They Teach That A Princess Is A Person Who Seeks To Help Others, Is Open To Learning New Things, And Looks For Ways To Add Purpose To Their Lives And The Lives Of Those Around Them Get Reacquainted With These Powerful Princesses Snow Whitechampion Of Real BeautySleeping Beautyspecialist On Sleeping DisordersThumbelinamusic Producer And AdvocateRapunzelworld Famous ArchitectBelle The Braveundercover AgentElisabeth And The Wild Swansfashion DesignerCinderellaprime Minster And BusinesswomanStar And The DancersdancerThe Goose Girlstand Up ComedianPrincess Sevinah And The Pea Founder Of The Fairyland Dating ServiceThe Snow Queenwinter Sports CoachThe Little Mermaidadvocate For Peace Between Mer People And HumansZadestoryteller Of Tales And BusinesswomanEvangeline The Frog Princess Natural HistorianLittle Red Riding Hoodenvironmentalist And Princess Of The WolvesPower To The Princess

5 thoughts on “Power to the Princess: 15 Favorite Fairytales Retold with Girl Power

  1. M. Jaskelioff M. Jaskelioff says:

    My 8 year old daughter LOVES this book, each story is short enough that she can read it by herself without much help Then she likes to tell me what she read, pointing out each detail that is different from the classical version She also enjoys adding her own twists to the story, coming up with other possible scenarios The author shows us that stories, even those that have been around forever and we know by heart, are not locked down and unmutable They can be whatever we can imagine them to be

  2. mamamijo mamamijo says:

    This is such a wonderful re telling of the stories we grew up with that had themes of female disempowerment and helplessness I have been reading the book with my 12 year old son and we ve both been enjoying it so much It s fun, with beautiful illustrations, but it also gives us a great way to have a conversation about gender dynamics and the messages that boys and girls get about power, control, and intelligence Huge kudos to the author, Vita Murrow

  3. BrandiRae BrandiRae says:

    Great book for our family reading time my girls are 6 8 and I wanted a fun book that was diverse This book will not disappoint you or your children It s been really interesting to hear their responses to the differences in the typical fairytale stories.

  4. Karen Chow Karen Chow says:

    Traditional fairytales updated for the modern girl My family got a kick out of these stories


    This book is a joy to read with my young son He loves the stories and the images, and I really enjoy how the tales are modern twists on old classics.