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For readers of Liane Moriarty and Jennifer Weiner, there s a secret behind the row house walls of Emerson StreetOn a cozy street in Philadelphia, three neighboring families have become the best of friends They can t imagine life without one another until one family outgrows their tiny row house In a bid to stay together, a crazy idea is born What if they tear down the walls between their homes and live together under one roof And so an experiment beginsCelia and Mark now have the space they need, but is this really what Celia s increasingly distant husband wants Stephanie embraces the idea of one big, happy family, but has she considered how it may exacerbate the stark differences between her and her husband, Chris While Hope always wanted a larger family with Leo, will caring for all the children really satisfy that need Behind closed doors, they strive to preserve the closeness they treasure But when boundaries are blurred, they are forced to question their choices and reimagine the true meaning of family

15 thoughts on “Pretty Little World

  1. nadine southam nadine southam says:

    I chose this rating as I thoroughly enjoyed reading it How the families managed to cope living as a big family and how boundaries can get blurred and crossed Definitely an enjoyable reading experience

  2. Sarah M Sarah M says:

    This book is okay The characters are all clich s and serious issues are dealt with flippantly but I did finish it The writing was mediocre at best.

  3. quizkid quizkid says:

    An interesting take on three couples who are as close as one big familyhow they muddle along together makes for an interesting read.

  4. PinkDove PinkDove says:

    This book has great potential and I wanted to love it The idea of a modern day commune is very interesting However, I felt like the characters were underdeveloped And the ending was completely baffling It took a while for the story to get to the main plot and once it did I had a hard time keeping up with who was married to who and what was going on with each couple The climax and resolution weren t great either They find out what Mark did and it s bad and then it s ok but then it s not And then he s just gone And is the commune a positive in support of being a big, loving family or a negative causing intrusion into the fine layers of the household The message of the book wasn t clear for me As an entertaining read this may work for some But if you re looking for a clear message and characters that aren t just a hot mess but actually experience some change and resolve then this may be a disappointing read.

  5. Laurel-Rain Snow Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    On a cozy street in Philadelphia, three neighboring families have become the best of friends They can t imagine life without one another until one family outgrows their tiny row house In a bid to stay together, a crazy idea is born What if they tear down the walls between their homes and live together under one roof And so an experiment begins.My Thoughts What started as a broken pipe that caused flooding through the homes of the three couples had turned into something .Mark, the building expert in their midst realized that something in the original construction was not right A brick firewall, which should have prevented what happened, is missing So, after some conversations and a consultation with another builder, the taking down of the walls becomes a solution And the start of communal living.But how will the three couples and their assorted children figure out how to live together, sharing the household and the chores, while maintaining any kind of privacy Will the lines blur, making it impossible to keep any semblance of normalcy Will the children lose their sense of having their own family What will the neighbors think, and how can they keep their secret Stephanie and Hope were two of the women in the equation, and right away I realized how much I disliked them Stephanie had no sense of personal space, and seemed to have no problem taking whatever she needed without any consideration as to who owned an item Hope was judgmental and controlling, expecting the others to meet her expectations.Celia was the most detached from the trio of women, as she had a high powered job that kept her away a lot.An illness, some infidelities, and a continued blurring of the lines had me confused about who belonged to whom I started to get the couples mixed up was Leo with Hope, or with someone else Who did Mark turn to after his illness How would his liaison change the group dynamic What ultimately happened inPretty Little Worldsurprised me since I expected some of what eventually unfolded But the final pages had me scratching my head Could such an experiment be impossible to move beyond 4 stars.

  6. CEaddy CEaddy says:

    I had read and enjoy the Restaurant Critics Wife, so I was really excited to read about the rest of the families on this little street Unfortunately, though the premise was good and really interesting as how it could work, it was a hard read, and I often found myself trying to remember who was married to who When it started to make sense, and I was able to keep up with the couples, it took a weird turn, and then just ended It didn t come full circle, left too many holes, and even if you could overlook misconstrued construction abilities and even legal and permit issues that were never mentioned in the book, it really would have been helpful if it didn t just abruptly end without cleaning up loose ends I really hope that there is a second book to finish it off, because right now it just seems as if the book ended where money and time ended.

  7. Holly La Pat Holly La Pat says:

    Pretty Little World has a great premise Three couples with children, whose homes are side by side with adjoining walls, spend a lot of time together already What if they took out the walls, joined households, and shared duties like cooking and childcare They try it, and of course complications ensue The story certainly kept me reading, but the writing is marginal, and the characters just aren t developed well enough to feel real Fun, but for me, it didn t live up to its potential.

  8. Customer Customer says:

    Couldn t put it down I felt personally connected to the characters like a member of the community I could not wait to find out what happened to the characters, and I found myself cheering on this lovable, yet quirky, family I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a feel good read.

  9. p.lousa Kindle owner p.lousa Kindle owner says:

    I loved this book Right up till the end that wasn t an end Is that all Will there be another book taking up where this stopped I am heart broken I cared about these interesting, ordinary, flawed characters I can not rate this book as it is.

  10. Maria Maria says:

    I truly enjoyed this book I found myself wishing I had the closerelationships enjoyed by Celia s, Stephanie s and Hope s families.However, I was glad for the boundaries of my world when the couples lives overlapped so much that they could keep no secrets from eachother This book was a great exploration of the meaning of closeness.It was easy to identify with qualities of every character and becomedrawn into their cozy Philadelphia street I found myself rooting for someand sympathizing with others often surprising myself with mysympathies Laban and DePino develop very true, multi dimensionalcharacters who invite you into their world, and I was glad to have theopportunity to take a peek to see where their experiment would takethem.

  11. Rd Rd says:

    Between all the child wrangling and career developing, these characters deal with middle age with humor, love, kindness, and support as they all try to find their ways to live life true to themselves How can you be true to yourself while you take care of so many other people Maybe doing that is what feels most true Modern life has most of us living in Joni Mitchell s little boxes but these friends try something different And while it gets a little messy, it works.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    I enjoyed reading this book, it kept me engrossed but why oh why did it end that way Who was at the door That was disappointing

  13. andrea dankovich andrea dankovich says:

    Loved the concept of the book of three families living in a contemporary Kibbutz Caring for each other and their children.Enjoyed the characters, their development and their entanglements into each others lives.Great book from start to finish It is about family and friends and how they care for one another.Just wait until the end you will want I highly recommend you read this book I absolutely loved it I can t wait to read books from the authors.

  14. Liam The Green-Latern Choirmaster Valvictorian Liam The Green-Latern Choirmaster Valvictorian says:

    This was a good vacation read Easy to read, although relatively predictable After reading two of this author s books back to back, I feel inspired to move to a quiet street in Philadelphia.

  15. Nyeema Watson Nyeema Watson says:

    Fun, engaging and unique take on friendship, love, family and life in the city Even if you don t have children or live in the city each character and their lives will speak to you or remind you of someone you know You will laugh, reflect and wonder what unexpected twists and turns will happen next as the pace quickens towards the conclusion Loved the book and hope to read something by LaBan and DePino again