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Topin the entire storeMost Sold Book on Best Romance Novels ofOprah MagazineGoodreads Best Romance ofNomineeA runaway train of revenge, rivalry and angst This complex and venomous tale takes on a modern day Cruel Intentions Mean Girls vibe Pretty Reckless is unputdownable and absolute Kindle Crack Kindle Crack Book ReviewsFrom USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author LJ Shen comes an intense, high school enemies to lovers romance with a twistPennThey say revenge is a dish best served coldId had four years to stew on what Daria Followhill did to me, and now my heart was completely icedI took her first kiss She took the only thing I lovedI was poorShe was richThe good thing about circumstances They can change FastNow, Im her parents latest shiny project Her housemate Her tormentor The captain of the rival football team she hates so muchYeah, baby girl, say itIm your foster brother Theres a price to pay for ruining the only good thing in my life, and shes about to shell out some serious tearsDaria Followhill thinks she is THE queen Im about to prove to her that shes nothing but a spoiled princessDariaEveryone loves a good old unapologetic punkBut being a bitch Oh, you get slammed for every snarky comment, cynical eye roll, and foot you put in your adversaries wayThe thing about stiletto heels is that they make a hell of a dent when you walk all over the people who try to hurt youIn Penn Scullys case, I pierced his heart until he bled out, then left it in a trash can on a bright summer day Four years ago, he asked me to save all my firsts for himNow he lives across the hall, and I want nothing than to be his last everythingHis parting words when he gave me his heart were that nothing in this world is freeNow Now he is making me pay Non vedo l ora di leggere i libri di knight e vaughn, adoro la serie e questo libro non ha deluso le mie aspettative This was one the most anticipating books of 2019 and in true L.J Shen style it was worth the wait and she never, ever, ever disappoints.I know I took longer than most to read this book, and I won t apologise for that, I read and reread some things like a millions times, I took my sweet time savouring and absorbing every line, yes, this book was this good.I m not good with words and I can t say much about this story without spoilers or any indication that may ruin the pleasure of going in blind, so I hope my positive contribution will add to those already out there and make readers see this book because everyone should read it. Libro leggero, senza pretese, piacevole per una lettura non impegnativa Diciamo cos senza infamia e senza lode Consigliato a chi cerca una lettura di svago. Daria is the spoiled rich girl, or is she She s the daughter that is never good enough, who just wants her mothers attention and to be loved So she perfects her acting up, and the jealousies and anger inside her.Penn is the poor badboy, who does everything for the benefit of his twin sister Violet Daria is in his sights, he was revenge and blames Daria for his sisters disappearance.OH MY GOD, this book, what a ride My emotions were most definitely pushed to their limit I both loved and hated it, i both loved and hated both characters Yet i was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.So much happens in this book, from beginning to end, its emotional relevations along the way and you barely get time to breatheThis book covers so many issues, lies, jealousy, manipulation, trust, Love, Hate, bullying It s not the easiest of reads but its one that will have to hooked so deep that like the characters you will have no escape Both main characters, were in their own way Bully s, and at times i felt this a little difficult, even if i could understand that all their thoughts and feelings were leading to their behaviour At the same time I loved them, their intensity, their connection This whole group of people were pretty messed up and dysfunctional yet they were striving to make things right Each and every step this couple took wasn t easy but i loved every moment of it This book, just like the characters, challenged me all the way It hit me deep and it hit me hard So much happens in this book, from beginning to end, its emotional revelations along the way and you barely get time to breathe, never mind eat, drink or sleep Definitely a book you have to dive into and be prepared for a hell of a ride Negli ultimi anni nessuna serie mi ha appassionato tanto come la Sinners of Saint di L.J Shen Potete quindi comprendere la mia gioia quando l autrice ha annunciato l uscita della nuova serie spin off All Saints High con protagonisti i figli degli amici del bel Vicious Spencer.Nel momento in cui ho scoperto che la protagonista del romanzo d apertura intitolato Pretty Reckless sarebbe stata la figlia di Jamie e Mel, non vedevo l ora di conoscere la sua storia nei minimi dettagli Mi sono iscritta al tour pi di un mese fa non prevedendo che in questo periodo sarei stata super impegnata e talmente occupata da avere poco tempo da dedicare al blog Cercher brevemente di raccontarvi cosa tratta questo romanzo, con la promessa che torner a parlarvi di Penn e di Daria dopo il trenta aprile DariaFollowhill e Penn Scully provengono da due mondi diamentralmente opposti, due mondi che per una notte collidono Daria vive in quella parte della citt dove dimorano le famiglie pi ricche e influenti, un mondo patinato dove tutto sembra essere perfetto, Penn invece vive nei bassifondi e la sua vita tutto fuorch perfetta la madre sta troppo male per occuparsi della famiglia, il padre assente.Penn e Daria si incontrano per caso o forse il destino a farli incontrare La loro amicizia nasce e si disintegra nel tempo di una sera Da quel momento l unico sentimento che Penn riesce a provare nei confronti di Daria soltanto odio, un odio che si intensificher con lo scorrere delle pagine del libro Se avete letto Vicious, sapete quanto i personaggi di questa autrice possono essere meschini.Quando un cambiamento inaspettato mette Penn di fronte ad una scelta che mai avrebbe voluto prendere in tutta la sua vita, si trova davanti a un bivio o decide di vivere per strada e di dormire senza un tetto, rischiando di rinunciare ad una promettente nel campo del football, o accetta l allettante proposta di Mel, la madre di Daria, e si trasferisce a dormire a casa sua La casa di Mel rappresenta per Penn la tana del diavolo Trasferirsi in quel luogo significa trovarsi tutti e giorni a faccia a faccia con Daria e ricordare che lei la causa della scomparsa dell unica persona a cui ha voluto bene in tutta la sua vita.Vi anticipo soltanto che questo romanzo mi piaciuto tantissimo Se amate lo stile della Shen, vi consiglio assolutamente di leggerlo Greta I found this author in the last year and have not stopped reading her books since My favourite being Vicious but this one comes a close second I loved the Sinners of Saint books which were individual books about friends from all different backgrounds and I couldn t put them down as they had so much drama and angst and passion which I love in my books So now we have the next generation and this book is about Daria, who is the daughter of Melody and Jaime and their story was told in the book Defy Daria is a tortured soul and finds it hard to cope with her inner jealous demons and she has a troubled relationship with her mum Melody but she s very close to her dad Penn comes into her life when she s 14 years old and they both come from totally different backgrounds Penn has a twin sister called Sylvia Via for short and she is definitely not a nice person Penn and Daria set off a chain of events together which neither of them knew would cause so much heartache but this is what makes the book so good I couldn t put it down but because I m a fast reader I am now left hanging waiting for the next one LJ Shen has absolutely knocked it out of the park with Pretty Reckless This has been one of my most anticipated reads for months now I was concerned that it wouldn t meet my expectations And it didn t.It absolutely blew me away.Completely and utterly blew me away There s many ways to categorise this book it is a love story, a high school drama, a bully romance The blurb introduces our hero as the foster brother so is it a bit taboo I honestly can t put this book into a neat box It s an experience all on its own It s beautiful and tragic and dramatic all at once.LJ Shen has tapped into the souls of every girl who didn t feel the pride of her mother, who had to keep up appearances because Marx forbid she s a real person, who had secrets and shamed and felt alone in them And she did it perfectly.Even if you re not the biggest romance fan, Pretty Reckless deserves a spot on your TBR shelf and should swiftly be put on your read shelf too. This story has been such an emotional roller coaster for me If not exactly triggers, it brought back so many memories I wasn t ready to come to terms with yet.It s always the matter of what get to you and what doesn t.Confess I started reading this book with a negative prejudice against Daria, was sure I wouldn t like her at all But this wasn t reason enough to miss one of Ms Shen stories.Well, I don t know how the hell this happened, but Daria ended up among my favourites I loved her and I especially loved her flaws Ms Shen s amazing talent does that to me all the times, she turns commonly hideous traits into characters that I cannot help but loving.Brava No than that Bravissima I don t know how she does it, but Leigh s books just get better and better I have been eagerly awaiting this release for months and Oh Marx It did not disappoint.Without giving anything away because you need to go in blind for the best experience , Daria is a misunderstood character who hides her true self and feelings from her family and friends, creating a whole load of drama Enter Penn who understands her, sees through her walls and barriers and manages to turn her world upside down whilst making it far from an easy ride for her Their relationship was so great and I loved how their story unfolded.Where this book REALLY got me was the relationship between Daria and Mel I have read so many comments of dislike towards Mel, but I actually didn t get that Sure, she made some mistakes, but Daria was doing the same When it came to a certain chapter between the two of them, I was, quite literally, tearing up.Jamie was a fantastic father and he had me smiling and laughing in so many scenes It was good to see some interaction between the Hot Holes I was excited for Vaughn s story before this read, but Knight was so loyal, charming and hilarious that I think I m now anticipating his Whoever comes next, I can t wait to see where the story goes and eagerly await both of them.Thank you, Leigh You are a truly fantastic writer who has left me with one heck of a book hangover