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I purchase this book for my 6 yr old daughter She started bring home the Fly Guy series from the school library and since she loves to read I figure I would feed the hobby as much as I could with a series that she already liked The book is well written for a 5 7 year old, has great pictures, and really keeps my daughter entertained You can t beat the price especially for a hardcover book We have since purchased 3 other books from the series. In The Latest Installment Of Tedd Arnold S NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Fly Guy Series, Buzz Has A Homework Assignment To Write A Fairy Tale And He Asks Fly Guy To Help Fly Guy Doesn T Like To Think Of Himself As Some Of Buzz S Suggestions An Ugly Troll, A Smelly Pig Herder So He Becomes A Handsome Prince Instead Prince Fly Guy Flies To A Dark Castle, Fends Off A Giant, And Rescues A Beautiful Princess Even Reluctant Readers Will Enjoy This Fun, Zany Story About Fly Guy S Adventure In A Fairy Tale My 5 year old is obsessed with Fly Guy and this is another great one in a series perfect for new readers It captures their attentions with a great story and allows the newest of reader to participate It is one of the first books our child picks up at night Buzz and Fly guy will be a staple in your house too once you child gets their hands on any book in the Series. We purchased this book for our four year old grandson, and we hope it will help him as he begins to read It looks like a very inviting and well written book to keep his interest We can t wait to share it with him. The book is a bit choppy but we still loved it Choppy meaning the book doesn t flow as well as the others We love all the Fly Guy books Bought our first one at a garage sale and had no idea these were a thing Super fun and we think Fly Guy is adorable.