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Even Princesses Use The Potty Princess Polly S Potty Is An Entertaining Picture Book From Ladybird That Helps Parents Struggling With Potty Training For Toddlers Aged Months Easily Follow Along With The Fun Pictures, Showing Little Ones That Even Princesses Have Anxiety About Using The Potty And When Your Own Princess Polly Uses The Potty Correctly, They Can Press The Cheer Button As A Fun, Noisy Reward If You Need Any Tips And Tricks For Potty Training, Visit The Ladybird Website As this book is written in the UK somewhere, they use terms like Mummy vs mommy and Nappie vs diaper I don t really mind as I just insert the words we use e.g., pee pee instead of wee wee the book is VERY thorough and well written My daughter loves it and I think it s prepping her for this huge transition My potty training kiddos love this book with the cheering sound button as the princess goes potty and chooses panties and a toilet. I thought the button would make a flushing sound, but instead it s the sounds of cheers for precious little princess Polly for being so clever when it comes to taking on the potty and its challenges She decides that she is ready to be grown up, like her Mummy and Daddy and big brother.I read this book to my toddler with an English accent, so saying nappies , which is what Princess Polly and her family calls diapers, sound just right I explain to my toddler, That s another word for diaper in their country Princess Polly gets her new grown up princess pants, a new princess potty and even a lesson in proper princess potty rules by Mummy This book is totally adorable, and it teaches independence, self care and making decisions and even dealing with accidents with Mummy and Daddy s continuous support.Very good book Seems long at first, but my 18mo old loves this book Doesn t come with British reader