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This is, I suppose Phil the thrills autobiography and he wrote it very well I enjoyed this book I am a new cyclist and quickly became addicted to anything to do with bikes I found I actually learnt stuff about touring and he has a nice way with words I would read another of his I hope he achieves the success that he is aiming for. Plump, Grumpy, Slumped On The Couch, And Going Nowhere Fast At Age , Phil Gaimon Began Riding A Bicycle With The Grand Ambition Of Shedding A Few Pounds Before Going Off To College He Soon Fell Into Racing And Discovered He Was A Natural, Riding His Way Into A Pro Contract After Just One Season Despite Utter Ignorance Of A Century Of Cycling Etiquette Now, In His Book Pro Cycling On A Day, Phil Brings The Full Powers Of His Wit To Tell His Story Presented Here As A Guide And A Warning To Aspiring Racers Who Dream Of Joining The Professional Racing Circus, Phil S Adventures In Road Rash Serve As A Hilarious And Cautionary Tale Of Frustrating Team Directors And Broken Promises Phil S Education In The Ways Of The Peloton, His Discouraging Negotiations For A Better Contract, His Endless Miles Crisscrossing America In Pursuit Of Race Wins, And His Conviction That Somewhere Just Around The Corner Lies The Ticket To The Big Time Fuel This Tale Of Hope And Ambition From One Of Cycling S Best Story Tellers Pro Cycling On A Day Chronicles The Racer S Daily Lot Of Blood Soaked Bandages, Sleazy Motels, Cheap Food, And Overflowing Toilets But It Also Celebrates The True Beauty Of The Sport And The Worth Of The Journey, Proving In The End That Even Among The Narrow Ranks Of World Class Professional Cycling, There Will Always Be Room For A Hard Working Outsider Fantastic book that I couldn t put down once I started It gives a great insight into the kind of bloody mindedness needed to make it in sport.I ve since started following Phil Gaimon across social media and am looking forward to seeing how his next season in the World Tour goes.If you love cycling, you ll love this book. I have read lots of cycling books as my son is a budding pro.This is the best It s witty, fast and full of inspiration.Yes the life is brutal but is there some fun to be had along the way.Very well written by Phil Gaimon, full of good stories and inside information Did not want to put it down and whilst confirming all we know about how tough being a pro is, reading Phil Gaimon s account made me understand why they do it I thought this would be a boring and futile book I wanted to get bored so I bought it I was disappointed It didn t bore me It was gripping from page one to the end What a great character we have in Phil Gaimon I now follow his career And Vaughters you should never have got rid of this guy.. Too money orientated Was interesting but could have included moore around training Very laddy He s from a nuclear family, where both parents are professors so not sure how much of a struggle he really endured. Having read most of the cycling biogs in circulation, I would have to say that most are written with some kind on angle, often by a ghost writer Phil s book is refreshing in that he has written it himself and he is no bad writer , and he tells it straight exactly as it is.Maybe for the masses they won t recognise this, and the American readership would maybe prefer of a hero story, but anyone who has raced a bike at any level will immediately identify with Phil, as will anyone with an interest in human behaviour and emotions.If you really want to know about the tough end of bike racing in detail, read this. Well written, but no wonder he only got one year on a European team, spending the rest of his time on American domestic squads No matter how good a rider he is, he seems to have deliberately gone about upsetting his team mates It s not big, clever or funny to leave the toilet bowl unflushed and full, especially when your rooming team mate has deliberately asked that you don t And that s only one example, probably the worse, of how not to get along in a team, and then complain that you aren t getting the support that you think you deserve.