Prime Prosperity: Better Business Makes the Greater Good –

What is business for Day one of a business course will tell you it is to maximise shareholder profit This single idea pervades all our thinking and teaching about business around the world but it is fundamentally wrong, Colin Mayer argues It has had disastrous and damaging consequences for our economies, environment, politics, and societies In this urgent call for reform, Prosperity challenges the fundamentals of business thinking It sets out a comprehensive new agenda for establishing the corporation as a unique and powerful force for promoting economic and social wellbeing in its fullest sense for customers and communities, today and in the future First Professor and former Dean of the S id Business School in Oxford, Mayer is a leading figure in the global discussion about the purpose and role of the corporation In Prosperity, he presents a radical and carefully considered prescription for corporations, their ownership, governance, finance, and regulation Drawing together insights from business, law, economics, science, philosophy, and history, he shows how the corporation can realize its full potential to contribute to economic and social wellbeing of the many, not just the few Prosperity tells us not only how to create and run successful businesses but also how policy can get us there and fix our broken system

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