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In Puppetry in Education and Therapy Unlocking Doors to the Mind and Heart, one finds enormous variety, ingenuity, and creativity in the types of puppets, and the ways they are used in education and in therapy Puppeteers, therapists, and educators, articulate what is meant by puppetry in education and puppet therapy and how it is the same or different from puppet theatre They describe the unique characteristics and theory of puppetry in education and therapy, the skills it takes to be successful in these areas, the skills that are passed on to people who use puppets for personal expression, and how to assess the impact of puppets on learning or behavior change Twenty six authors discuss topics such as puppetry and the multiple intelligences the process versus the product using puppetry in schools to promote literacy, preserve cultural heritage, and teach music how puppetry contributes to Core Curriculum Standards, the theoretical underpinnings of therapeutic puppetry, and a range of ways of facilitating growth and development If you re already using puppets, this book will inspire you to understand your work differently and to explore new possibilities If you re a teacher or a therapist and you ve never used puppets before, it will open a whole world of possibilities This book illustrates that puppetry arts can affect learning and behavior and that puppets indeed have the power to unlock doors to the mind and heart