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This book contains the complete text in Russian of Pushkin s The Queen of Spades, with an introduction to Pushkin s life and work The text is also supplemented with extensive notes in English and a complete vocabulary

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  1. Xenophon Xenophon says:

    For learners of Russian of all levels, this edition of Pushkin s short story is a must.Here, the text is presented in its Russian original and is accompanied by a full glossary of unknown Russian words, additional notes explaining textual references and an informative introduction placing the text in a historical and literary context.The story itself in Russian, for much is lost in translating Pushkin into other languages is an example of the duality of Pushkin s mature writing ambiguity is expressed in simple language, the real and the fantastic fight for supremacy on the page, seeming textual stability the reader knowing what is happening and why is undermined by multiple meanings Pushkin is the first Russian writer, but also the first Modernist writer French literary critics of the second half of the 20th century Derrida, Barthes, Genette especially could have produced many essays and books on Pushkin if they had been able to read and understand Russian.

  2. Heather Heather says:

    I read the sample from another publisher and loved it So I downloaded this ebook but the English is so terrible at least as far as I read that I went back to Kindle to find another publisher.

  3. Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko says:

    When you read the masters, you know what made them masters This was a short read, precise, and right to the point It didn t go beating about the bush giving us long explanations of who the main character was, his background, or whereabouts It just took us to the core of the story, the heart of it, and landed us where it wanted, without much ado.Herman thought he was smart Smarter than the rest of them, but what he failed to know was that greed can lead to doom He watched for an opportunity He observed, waited, and in the end, he learnt what he thought he was waiting for What he didn t learn was the rules His eyes were only aimed at the prize In the end, greed has a way of turning good to evil Read the story and find out how it ended What I can assure you is that it is a jewel of a story.

  4. M. DeKalb M. DeKalb says:

    This work is a brief chronicle of a man who develops a compulsion toward gambling, for none other than a superstitious reason Driven by greed to deception and threatening, the stories anti hero holds, in his very own hand, a fitting allegory The Queen of Spades.I find it interesting that it s the German that gets it in this short Russian moral tale.This is the story of Tomsky s grandmother, an octogenarian of whom, it is said, has the power of prognostication when it comes to 3 cards in faro It is stated that she d helped a man some 60 years ago.Soon invested is Herman, a German, therefore economical who never touches a card and doesn t play faro a gambling game where money is placed directly on a card to win or lose After hearing the story he becomes rather obsessed, doing anything in his power to get close to the old woman He beguiles her niece into letting him meet the Countess , but in his impatience disregards the plans which were advised.SPOILERS Scaring the death out of the Countess he gets the cards from her ghost against it s will the tray, seven and ace in succession Playing the cards, with their rules, in succession night after night after night, Herman is successful 66% of the time The only exception to this being his last, most grand attempt to use the magic card.Not realizing he didn t have the ace in his hand, but the Queen of Spades on the final night, our Countesses vengeance is drawn when the dealer remarks Your queen is killed 137.

  5. Frank 7SFG Frank 7SFG says:

    This short story, whether read in Russian or English, suspends time for the reader as gently as a cat steals a sleeping man s breath The story ends so quickly that at first one hardly realizes it is over I wonder how many readers must have tried the countess s trick of the cards to see if it really works and whether they will win or lose This tale can be read over again and again without losing its allure The Queen of Spades is surely the Belle Dame Sans Merci

  6. Engelkenkatu Engelkenkatu says:

    Many modern writers like Rod Serling of Twilight Zone basically copied Pushkin s plot Love the classic Russian writers Considering the heavy censorship barriers they faced its remarkable just how much they were able to illuminate their times and society Often at great personal cost to their own safety.

  7. Rachel Burke Rachel Burke says:

    And read on Halloween Greed, lust, ghosts, nobility, and gambling Honestly, what else could you want in a short story morality tale.

  8. Siyuan Cai Siyuan Cai says:

    The original story is great, but this is an abridged version Does it matter that much Yes In many places Pushkin tells the story in a slow and patient manner, so you can experience the subtle development of the characters psychology But sometimes this gradual development is completely taken out, and the story becomes much less poetic.

  9. Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw says:

    I ve loved Pushkin s writing since I was little girl and my Russian mother read him to me The Queen of Spades is a taut, morality tale classic Pushkin

  10. Bob Atanassoff Bob Atanassoff says:

    The quality of the print is not good It is obviously a poor photo reproduction I bought it to read again in the Russian original the story that I had read many decades ago when I was an undergraduate.

  11. Miles James Smith IV Miles James Smith IV says:

    Pushkin is better known for his poetry and for his prose but the Queen of Spades manages to create an atmospheric moral tale that is also a ghost story.

  12. Edgardo Sanabria Edgardo Sanabria says:

    Having read this Pushkin s masterpiece, I now understand and admire Tchaikovsky s Pique Dame , a masterpiece opera based on this story The two are worth reading and listening to.

  13. Harley L. Sachs Harley L. Sachs says:

    This famous short story had been made into a movie maybe than once and is a chilling tale ot an old duchess s revenge on a gambler If you ever layed Old Maid you know the curse of the Queen of Spades, and here it is with a vengeance Reviewed by Harley Sachs, author of 30 books onthe Kindle list.

  14. Robert Guttman Robert Guttman says:

    This justifiably famous short story by Alexander Pushkin provided the basis for Tchaikovsky s equally famous opera of the same name, the latter of which is also sometimes referred to as La Pique Dame The plot concerns a young army officer who, one evening at a gambling house, hears about an aged countess who possesses a fool proof system for winning at cards Being both greedy and a compulsive gambler, the officer determines to extort the secret from the old lady Although set among the aristocrats of early 19th century Russia, The Queen of Spades is one of those universal stories that could be presented equally effectively in any locale, and during any era for example, this story could just as easily have been set in Ancient Greece, Medieval China or present day Las Vegas.