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Featuring A New Preface, Afterword And Radically Candid Performance Review Bonus Chapter, The Fully Revised Updated Edition Of Radical Candor Is Packed With Even Guidance To Help You Improve Your Relationships At Work Reading Radical Candor Will Help You Build, Lead, And Inspire Teams To Do The Best Work Of Their Lives Sheryl Sandberg, Author Of Lean InIf You Don T Have Anything Nice To Say Then Don T Say Anything At All Right While This Advice May Work For Home Life, As Kim Scott Has Seen First Hand, It Is A Disaster When Adopted By Managers In The Work Place Scott Earned Her Stripes As A Highly Successful Manager At Google Before Moving To Apple Where She Developed A Class On Optimal ManagementRadical Candor Draws Directly On Her Experiences At These Cutting Edge Companies To Reveal A New Approach To Effective Management That Delivers Huge Success By Inspiring Teams To Work Better Together By Embracing Fierce Conversations Radical Candor Is The Sweet Spot Between Managers Who Are Obnoxiously Aggressive On The One Side And Ruinously Empathetic On The Other It Is About Providing Guidance, Which Involves A Mix Of Praise As Well As Criticism Delivered To Produce Better Results And Help Your Employees Develop Their Skills And Increase SuccessGreat Bosses Have A Strong Relationship With Their Employees, And Scott Has Identified Three Simple Principles For Building Better Relationships With Your Employees Make It Personal, Get Stuff Done, And Understand Why It MattersRadical Candor Offers A Guide To Those Bewildered Or Exhausted By Management, Written For Bosses And Those Who Manage Bosses Drawing On Years Of First Hand Experience, And Distilled Clearly To Give Practical Advice To The Reader,Radical Candor Shows You How To Be Successful While Retaining Your Integrity And Humanity Radical Candor Is The Perfect Handbook For Those Who Are Looking To Find Meaning In Their Job And Create An Environment Where People Love Both Their Work And Their Colleagues, And Are Motivated To Strive To Ever Greater Success

8 thoughts on “Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean (English Edition)

  1. Mr. Tyler Durden Mr. Tyler Durden says:

    My mistake I hoped there d be some wisdom in this book also for non Americans, but no such thing Office rituals and habits in Europe differ greatly from the described American settings that I used to be well familiar with years ago , which does not make this book useful at all for me here in Germany.Being too open and or too candid in the office rather is a hindrance and not appreciated Actually, being too open to your boss and or coworkers opens the door for jealousy and backstabbing which is a threat to any career Of course, other people s experiences may vary.

  2. TerraP TerraP says:

    Der Hintergrund der Autorin, der Titel und auch die Art, wie das Buch verkauft wird, bieten definitiv eine Menge Futter f r Vorurteile, schlie lich wirkt das in der Tat alles zun chst sehr amerikanisch und dann auch noch gepr gt durch diese verd chtige Silicon Valley Kultur.F r mich als Manager in Deutschland ist Radical Candor dennoch das mit Abstand beste Buch ber F hrung, das ich bisher gelesen habe Das gilt vor allem f r den ersten, eher theoretischen Teil, weil der eine ebenso fundierte wie praktische Anleitung daf r bietet, wie unterschiedliche Menschen verschiedener Hierarchiestufen am Arbeitsplatz miteinander umgehen sollten mit pers nlicher Wertsch tzung und Offenheit in der Sache Das ist weit entfernt von dem Chef mal die Meinung zu sagen und hnlichen Ideen.Zudem bietet das Buch auch sehr konkrete Tools und Hilfestellungen zum Umgang mit kommunikativ schwierigen Situationen und gerade f r F hrungskr fte eine detaillierte Anleitung f r das Vorhaben, eine Kultur zu schaffen, in der eben niemand Angst haben muss auszudr cken, was er denkt.Die Beispiele dazu stammen nicht nur aus den USA, sondern auch etwa aus Japan, einer Kultur also, die sich mit Radical Candor deutlich schwerer tut als wir doch ohnehin als sehr direkt verschriene Deutschen.Also volle Punktzahl, weil das Konzept so wertvoll ist, auch wenn f r mich pers nlich der erste Teil des Buches spannender war als der doch recht kleinteilige zweite Teil.

  3. Christian Riedhammer Christian Riedhammer says:

    Kim Scott s book is one of the best books I ve recently read It s a marvellous read on managing people I d recommend it if you are a people manager or if you want to coach others who manage people.I d summarize it by saying it takes a teaching and mentoring approach to management, very much of the school that managers primarily exist to help the people on their team.Kim s advice is both practical and actionable, with specific advice for running 1 1s and meetings, and focused how to encourage conversations where people strive to improve themselves as well as helping others.

  4. Dr. Andi Dr. Andi says:

    I work in a scientific environment and the management style there could not differ from the one in the book silicon valley, the world of Google, Apple, Twitter Co Before I ve read this book I took several management courses and read some management books, but I never got a clear picture of how I would like my managers to be I was only certain that they all do it wrong, and I wanted to do it differently After I ve read the book now I have a rather clear picture of what I want to do differently And I have a couple of very practical tips on how to get there I will probably never be radically candid with my bosses, because they do not want to learn management But I can use radical candor with my direct reports, and I can teach them to live radical candor with their direct reports.I find the tips in this book very useful and consider the described management style the best I ever read about.

  5. Anastasia Anastasia says:

    Kim Scott shares her insights on managing others, this makes the book an easy read.For me, probably the most helpful part of the book was about growth trajectories and career conversations.

  6. Pbeirao Pbeirao says:

    Good book to read, but it needs time and energy to just keep reading

  7. Xxx Xxx says:

    The book might be interesting but the font size is so tiny that you makes it very tiring to read it Honestly can they just print a little bigger

  8. Pierre Le Buhan Pierre Le Buhan says:

    1st part of the book is top quality, kind of a bible That you can directly apply.2nd part is mort pratic cases, a bit less interesting.