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Korean Basics Made Easy and Fun Studying Korean is intimidating Not only do you face the usual challenges of learning a new language vocabulary, grammar, verb tenses but you also have to learn a non Roman alphabet To help you master the language, Read Speak Korean for Beginners entertains you while you learn, lessening the anxiety of a new script and increasing your confidence in your language skillsThis program teaches you basic vocabulary and explains sentence structures for eight key areas of everyday life introducing yourself, saying where you re from, asking what things are, asking where things are located, describing objects and people, asking how to get around, talking about your family, and describing what you do The accompanying CD features all the key words and phrases so you can hear how they are pronounced and repeat them after the speakerInside you will find Clear explanations of how to use basic phrases in everyday conversations Entertaining activities, games, and puzzles with which to check your progress Illustrated flash cards to help you memorize key phrases Listening exercises and audio games on the CD to further reinforce your comprehension

15 thoughts on “Read & Speak Korean for Beginners (Book w/Audio CD)

  1. inspirit inspirit says:

    One word AMAZING It helped me improve my Korean skills immediately It s giving you some basic information about the language, so even if you can t already read or write the alphabet, it s got a few pages on how to do it It s also giving you information on basic conversation skills, first nouns, werbs and adjectives etc Plus, it comes with a CD to it so it s pretty helpful

  2. Prof Gordon C. Speers Prof Gordon C. Speers says:

    A good value book, but unsuitable for beginners as it assumes a knowledge of the Korean alphabet The accompanying CD is useful but, again, not very helpful for real beginners.In attempting to learn Korean from the outset,it is probably better to acquire some useful words and phrases from guidebooks and CDs such as the admirable EuroTalk Learn Korean Talk Now Beginners This should then be followed by a gradual progression to simple words and their depiction in Korean,accompanied by a better knowledge of the Korean alphabet itself.When this has been accomplished, then an individual would be in a much better position to utilise this paticular volume.Read Speak Korean for Beginners Book w Audio CD The Easiest Way to Communicate Right Away

  3. anonymous anonymous says:

    It s a bit disappointing.I couldn t find each topic chapter s titles at first due to uninspiring layout until i found all titles are on the bottom of the page The book is just grey and black, so it s hard to notice what topics i m on, which is very important to a language learner and a bit confusing Endless romanization is also flawed too Once you know the Korean Alphabet, it s easy to read The title is Read and Speak korean The audio programme doesn t match the book so it will be hard for a beginner to follow.I regret buyging it.

  4. 모씨 (Mo!) 모씨 (Mo!) says:

    I began learning Korean a month ago on Coursera and was in need of a supplemental guide and this book fills that need well If you cannot read Hangul yet and have no command of how to conjugate words, this book is NOT for you The Coursera course I took started from scratch from how the alphabets were formed so it wasn t hard to follow this book.I am yet to use the CD but I find the games and questions at the back of the book enjoyable to engage in I recommend this book for anyone who wants to add richness to their Korean learning experience.

  5. Beverly Deich Beverly Deich says:

    I finally found a Korean language that helped me make sense of learning Korean The most important thing is the CD, which really makes the big difference in making this the best Korean language book I have found The only problem is that the book does not do a good job of teaching the Korean alphabet script It assumes you did the previous book or already know it But even if other Korean books I have bought did a better job with the alphabet, but after that they got very confusing.This book explains the words better, and the flashcards and games are a big help The CD makes it much better, and the best reason to buy this book,I would recommend buying this book There is a previous book YOUR FIRST 100 WORDS IN KOREAN, which introduce the Korean script, or there are many online sites that teach the Alphabet but get very confusing afterward.

  6. Philip K. Fong Philip K. Fong says:

    I like about this book because it provides a framework for making conversations rather than just making me memorize a bunch of phrases The topics are well organized and relevant Key grammar points are introduced throughout Audio is provided for each vocabulary section designated as keywords A well written one page summary in the reference section answers most though not all of my questions as to why some hangul characters are pronounced so radically different from that which is indicated in the hangul charts Its 8 1 2 by 11 size is much inviting than the paperbacksize Though not a big deal,there are a few typos More frustrating for me however,is the fact that throughout the audio dialogs, words or phrases that have never been introduced in the text are used That s a problem for me because I often have difficulty de constructing the audio so that I can try to look up the words or phrases elsewhere.This book has been really helpful in getting me off to a good start The author s stated objective to impart a real sense of progress to the reader has in my case been achieved My wish is that there be a follow up book by the author.

  7. Thomas Thomas says:

    I got this book of course because i want to learn korean I had already learned to read when i got the book, so i think it made the experience of going through the book quite different had i not known how to read already Which brings me to one of my main my opinion, this book has one major downfall IT DOES NOT TEACH YOU TO READ It claims you will be able to read by the end of the book, but I assure you, you won t be able to read just by the romanizations it gives you If you want this book to be a lot educating experience, GO LEARN HOW TO READ FIRST, then come and buy this book SERIOUSLY LEARNING KOREAN WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER IF YOU LEARN TO READ FIRST I can t stress this enough, I can t imagine what it would have been like if i had not learned to read before delving into the language Everything will make so much sense Plus, learnign how to read Hangeul is really, really easy D I mastered it in about 2 weeks But it will take you only a couple of days to have a very good grasp of it Another point I would like to make is that i used this book and of a supplementary tool rather than my main source of learning If you arent super serious about learning korean, then i don t think i d recommend this because you will only know the bare basics by the end I did like it, however, for the sample sentences it give thise are very helpful I actually kind of liked the cd I put it onto my iPod and i actually used it with the book The speakers are native which is a plus because you ll know everything is pronounced correctly and naturally, but they speak very slowly Everything is sounded out which i guess is also a good thing if you want it broken down, but won t hear what the language sounds like ntaurally spoken If you want that, listen to k pop or watch some k dramas They re awesome And easily accecable.And one last point, I didn t actually play any of the games this book comes with, so I can t give any sort of opinion on those.So in one sentence i would say this book is good for a younger audience and for someone very new to korean, but already knows how to read, its a good introductory book.

  8. RhymeswithTerri RhymeswithTerri says:

    I am finding this guide to learning Korean very helpful It s put together in a very logical way you learn what to say according to normal conversation The CD helps with pronunciation and gives you a way to speak and respond The setup may seem a bit childish but don t children learn languages very quickly The only reason I withheld a star is because the book doesn t teach the Korean alphabet, something crucial to really learning the language and not very difficult to pick up.

  9. futurists fan futurists fan says:

    I was looking for a beginner s book for learning Korean that I could follow along with and study at my own pace This is NOT the book for that It s a nice little manual that has a few useful phrases and refresher of the Korean alphabet but it really doesn t serve the purpose of teaching the fundamentals to a beginning student of the Korean Language.

  10. TaRan TaRan says:

    I have only just begun reading this book, but so far it has helped me a lot in learning the basics of the Korean language The way things are explained makes learning easy.I have purchased a few different books to help me learn Korean This one is very good and helpful The one that has helped me the most would be Speaking Korean Book I Second Revised Edition.

  11. Charles Wilkes Charles Wilkes says:

    This book is simple to understand and straightforward in its approach to teaching Korean The authors choice of vocabulary and game building exercises are enjoyable and also achieve the aim of being memorable Unlike the dozens of mindless repetition based books, this book teaches you how to build thousands of sentences from a handful of key words I study from five Korean books, and this is the only book where all terms and sentences are fully translated.Highly recommended

  12. Terri Summer Terri Summer says:

    The layout of this book isn t logical to me My husband is Korean and says this is not really a beginner book.

  13. Nicole SK Nicole SK says:

    don t buy

  14. Justin Justin says:

    This book had terrible organization The CD did not follow the book, and I was consistently lost trying to find which part of the book the CD was covering Even the book itself seemed so random It was not helpful at all, and is definitely not user friendly I was very disappointed and learned nothing from this book I will do research to find a better book to learn Korean.

  15. mina mina says:

    Very good book Good price.