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That s what the retired army guy, now personal trainer told me as we hiked down Mount Monadnock this month, and I vowed to look into it I ve been doing one of the the no nonsense routines in the book every other day for a week now, and I quite like it, especially for balance and flexibility. With its revolutionary approach to yoga and innovative, male oriented instruction, Real Men Do Yoga will be the definitive guide for both novice and veteran men who are discovering the innumerable physical and mental benefits of yogaSatisfying the male fascination with sports and admiration for athletes are interviews with than twenty pros, all of whom are enthusiastic yoga practitioners football s Eddie George, Shannon Sharpe and Amani Toomer baseball pitchers Barry ZitoCy Young Award winner and Al Leiter, star hockey goalie Sean Burke and NBA superstar Kevin Garnett as well as pro golfers and tennis players Photos of sports stars doing yoga, such as football greats Dan Marino and Chris Carter, drive home a powerful message Each chapter offers a combination of stretches and strength builders that target and benefit specific areas Conquering back pain which afflicts an estimatedmillion men Improving sports performance including yoga for golf, running, basketball, tennis and Increasing flexibility in the upper body, spine and lower body Building muscle strength Improving sexual performanceIn a sea of yoga books aimed at women, Real Men Do Yoga is an easily accessible, non New Agey guidebook that takes something mysterious to American men and offers a reassuringly effective and practical guide that they ll actually use Not bad Most of the really useful information in this book could be found other places online, etc But it was nice to read some of the comments from various athletes who have benefitted from their yoga practices.I checked the book out from the library because I decided to resurrect my yoga practices The book was a good refresher on some of the best poses for flexibility, strength, and endurance. Not that interesting The author had a lot of testimonies from star athletes of the importance of yoga but nothing I hadn t already learned from Power Yoga from P90X.