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Respect For Acting This Fascinating And Detailed Book About Acting Is Miss Hagen S Credo, The Accumulated Wisdom Of Her Years Spent In Intimate Communion With Her Art It Is At Once The Voicing Of Her Exacting Standards For Herself And Those She Taught , And An Explanation Of The Means To The End Publishers Weekly Hagen Adds To The Large Corpus Of Titles On Acting With Vivid Dicta Drawn From Experience, Skill, And A Sense Of Personal And Professional Worth Her Principal Asset In This Treatment Is Her Truly Significant Imagination Her Object Exercises Display A Wealth Of Detail With Which To Stimulate The Student Preparing A Scene For Presentation Library Journal Uta Hagen S Respect For Acting Is A Relatively Small Book But Within It, Miss Hagen Tells The Young Actor About As Much As Can Be Conveyed In Print Of His Craft Los Angeles Times There Are Almost No American Actors Uninfluenced By Uta Hagen Fritz Weaver This Is A Textbook For Aspiring Actors, But Working Thespians Can Profit Much By It Anyone With Just A Casual Interest In The Theater Should Also Enjoy Its Behind The Scenes Flavor King Features Syndicate

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  1. C. Vieira C. Vieira says:

    I have been acting for than 7 years now One of my degrees is in Theatre Acting concentration and I ve performed dozens of play and films This book wasn t a part of my curriculum but was suggested reading by a director of mine I have never read an acting book with such depth and insight told in such a straightforward and brilliant manner Uta Hagen has written what I constantly refer to as my Acting Bible Whenever I find myself in an acting rut, I pull out this book and read a few passages I read that Mrs Hagen had conflicting thoughts about the book later in her career and actually denounced it and released another book I have not read that book, but I don t feel as though I have to.As an actor, you can read hundreds of books about technique and exercises, but acting is an art of individuality This book is not necessarily technique oriented in the traditional sense, but rather provides a framework upon which an actor can build and refer to in their bag of tricks.I highly recommend this to any student of the art of acting.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I loved the insight into the craft of acting and the no bull attitude towards the path of the artist Uta provides a lot of great general ideas about theater acting as well very specific actions and exercises to help the aspiring, and even experienced, actor improve their craft.My only complaint is that her choice of wording and sometimes run on thoughts make certain segments difficult to read Overall a very good book for any theater actor.

  3. Sensei Sensei says:

    I can t put this down The book offers an amazing perspective on the art You have to read this with COMPLETE vulnerability ACTUALLY read it, don t just go through the words STFU and be a sponge.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is a wonderful book on acting that I have read so far and I am glad that I did as it has helped me in my magic career I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to improve their performance than this book is for you.

  5. Susan Moore Jordan Susan Moore Jordan says:

    Utah Hagen s wonderful book Respect for Acting is a must read for any aspiring actor, director, producer anyone who has a commitment to live theater This is the second copy of the book I have owned I had lent my first copy which was unfortunately not returned, and I refer to this book often and share Hagen s inspiring insight with my casts Had to order the second copy