[Epub] ➝ Restless Spirit: The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange ➞ Elizabeth Partridge – Bilb-weil.de

Lange gave us visuals Our history through her lens. Dorothea Langes Desperate And Beautiful Pictures Of Migrant Workers In California And Her Heartbreaking Photographs Of Japanese Americans Interned During World War II Put Human Faces On Some Of The Darkest Episodes In Americas History Restless Spirit Is An Intimate Portrait Of A Woman Who Struggled To Balance Her Passion For Her Career And Her Love For Her Family, All While Producing Some Of The Most Celebrated, Powerful Photographic Works Of Their Time Told By Langes Goddaughter, National Book Award Finalist, Elizabeth Partridge, Restless Spiritis A Testament To This Brilliant Photographer S Work I am a photography student, and we had to read and write a book report on a photographer for class I selected Dorothea because I am became interested in the 1930 s through the 1950 s in America, particularly photographically.Let me say that Dorothea lived a lifestyle way ahead of her time During a period in America when women stayed home with their children and husbands, Dorothea farmed out her children to be on the road and working.I really enjoyed this book It had some of her well known photographs i.e The Migrant Mother, and others that I enjoyed seeing I wish there had been of her photography in the book and perhaps details of her life.The story is written by the daughter of her life long assistant Ron Partridge Elizabeth Partridge does a good job with the information she has at hand I particularly enjoyed her own memories of families Thanksgiving day dinners shared at Dorothea s 20 long table.Great book as a start of a collection of Lange s work It is also a nice reference for information about the American Dust Bowl, The migrant workers, Japanese Interment Camps during WWII, and The Great Depression, and tenant farmers in the South and Southwest The story has given me a different perspective on America during this period I apparently didn t know a lot about The conditions that American s dealt with, and the photographs that show the story, are shocking I grew up in white bread New York, and could not fathom that such heart ache existed in another part of our country just a couple of decades before my youth.The story of Lange s life and dedication truly gave me a new respect for her work, and the type of sacrifaces a person has to make to accumulate a body of work such as Lange s.I would recommend this book. wish there had been about Dorothea Big Fan of her work She recorded America s history in photos and she did not candy coat it. Well I love photography and for thoes of you who do this is the best book Dorthea Lange was the best photographer and is obviously my favorite This book tells the great story of her life and has great classic photos I highly recomend this book Brillant and sensitive photographer.and what can I say, she made her art speak for the people She should be required reading viewing for all Americans to understand our history.