[[ download Textbooks ]] Rockabye County 9: Run for the Border (A Rockabye County Western) (English Edition)Author J T Edson – Bilb-weil.de

On vacation in Mexico, Woman Deputy Alice Fayde and he partner Deputy Sheriff Bradford Counter hoped that they could forget crime for a few days Giving a lift to an English girl, they found themselves involved with hired killers and entangled in the world of international espionage And so they began a desperate run for the border The deputies would need all their gun skill, courage and intelligence if they hoped to reach Rockabye County aliveJT Edson was a former British Army dog handler who wrotethanWestern novels, accounting for somemillion sales in paperback Edsons works produced on a word processor in an Edwardian semi at Melton Mowbray contain clear, crisp action in the traditions of B movies and Western television series What they lack in psychological depth is made up for by at least twelve good fights per volume Each portrays a vivid, idealized West That Never Was, at a pace that rarely slackens