Pdf Rowing the Northwest Passage: Adventure, Fear, and Awe in a Rising SeaAuthor Kevin Vallely – Bilb-weil.de

Four Men In A Rowboat Make An Historic Attempt On The Northwest Passage To Focus Global Attention On An Environmental Catastrophe Vallely Transports The Reader To Places Few Will Ever Go The Very Edges Of The Earth And Of Human Endurance Evan Solomon In This Gripping First Hand Account, Four Seasoned Adventurers Navigate A Sophisticated, High Tech Rowboat Across The Northwest Passage One Of The Last Firsts Remaining In The Adventure World, This Journey Is Only Possible Because Of The Dramatic Impacts Of Global Warming In The High Arctic, Which Provide An Ironic Opportunity To Draw Attention To The Growing Urgency Of Climate Change Along The Way, The Team Repeatedly Face Life Threatening Danger From Storms Unparalleled In Their Ferocity And Unpredictability And Bears Witness To Unprecedented Changes In The Arctic Habitat And Inhabitants, While Weathering Gale Force Vitriol From Climate Change Deniers Who Have Taken To Social Media To Attack Them And Undermine Their Efforts Fascinatingly documented voyage I d read quite a few books on Arctic Antarctic expeditions, but this one, given it s near yesterday transit of the Northwest Passage, REALLY hammers home the effect of global warming that 99.99% of us never personally experience I kept hoping to turn a page that showed maps of their movements, layovers, zig zags, Dew Line locations I resorted to MapQuest to try to find and correlate a few ofthe points consistently mentioned in the book I think the simple addition of dotted lines on a map page would have made this book a 5 star read.