[[ read online Best ]] RUS': A Comprehensive Course in RussianAuthor Sarah Smyth – Bilb-weil.de

This comprehensive foundation textbook is expressly designed for students embarking on a Russian language programme Accompanied byhours of audio materials, it develops the four key language skills reading, writing, speaking and listening and provides all the material required to reach intermediate level either at secondary school or during the first year of university Highly interactive and activity based, the course puts students firmly at the centre of the learning process, developing their autonomy as learners It provides thorough grounding in the grammar and structures of contemporary Russian wide ranging tasks and exercises for both classroom use and self study informative texts selected to foster cultural awareness topics including family life, education, history, geography, work and leisure clear, attractive layout with lively illustrations to reinforce learning extensive reference features including a section on basic concepts of grammar teachers guidelines to enhance practical application in the classroom and an on line answer key

8 thoughts on “RUS': A Comprehensive Course in Russian

  1. john john says:

    If you re being forced to buy this you have my sympathy Nearly impossible to follow for beginners without a tutor and not laid out brilliantly either Not enough english in it at all and so many others that bought it hated it Most of my class bought another book that was understandable and only used this when forced to in class or for homework.

  2. john john says:

    Was forced into buy this buy Edinburgh U Found the CD s pretty useless They re a companion to the coursebook which is also not great If you re forced into getting this, you have my sympathies and i d suggest getting other audio as the cd s shouldn t be essential to your course as long as you have the book.

  3. Monica Papazu Monica Papazu says:

    As I am not a beginner I began reading it from page 200 I find it very good, one of the very best Russian manuals It can be used as a Teach yourself book, together with the CDs The texts are varied and well chosen, they enrich one s vocubulary step by step Good exercises I like the system and find it very enjoyable It gives one pleasure to continue I recommend it to students who use at least halv an hour per day to improve their Russian.

  4. nshb nshb says:

    only usable with a teacher usually though, the teachers have little clue as to how to use the book the spelling mistakes are extremely frustrating there are many many exercises of several different types this makes it useful and is surely why it is used in universities however NEVER buy this unless you have to

  5. Monica Papazu Monica Papazu says:

    Nice and clear pronunciation To be used together with the written book Rus A Comprehensive Course in Russian Both the CD s and the book are a little expensive, but I am glad I have bought them.

  6. CJANI CJANI says:

    This is a big book with a lot of information and exercises I have attended Russian evening class for 3 years and like to have extra books to work from outside of the course Unfortunately, this book is not very structured and certainly not a traditional language learning approach It seems to apply a modern approach that requires a teacher to press students along the correct path If you don t have a teacher, then the book gives virtually no guidance as to what you are supposed to achieve from each lesson Note also that the CD s are extremely bad quality sounding as though they have been recorded in someone s living room rather than a sound studio.

  7. Alexander Prikhojan Alexander Prikhojan says:

    First of all, a warning this CD set is totally useless without a book that is sold separately The CD set is not a stand alone course but instead is the audio portion of the book based course Secondly, a disclaimer this review is based on the CD set only I have not read the book I understand that this is unfair to the course as it was conceived by the authors, but it is fair for the item CD set which is sold separately by and other stores The course was designed to be either a classroom tool, or a self study The quality of audio is good throughout The instructor is a British woman, who is fast and pressured in her speech There is about half a dozen native Russian speakers participating in the course Their pronunciation is a mainstream Russian Unfortunately, the native speakers do not sound like trained actors, like random recruits from the street As a result, the diction is sometimes difficult to understand A major problem is that words are pronounced only once, quite fast, and pronunciation differs markedly from speaker to speaker The latter is to be expected in real life, but makes it very difficult for a student to follow I happen to be a native Russian speaker I bought the set for my wife and was surprised to have such a difficulty understanding my compatriots And that s from Lesson 1 In conclusion, as an intensive in class course it appears to be adequate As a self learning tool hardly so.

  8. Parsha Lee Parsha Lee says:

    This is a TEXTBOOK, designed for the classroom and being taught by a teacher The course content is excellent in a classroom setting.There is NO translation or explanation of the new vocabulary at all, which makes it very tedious for me A beginner student would find it extremely frustrating.If I were in a classroom setting I would rate this book as a 5.If they included translations and explanations I would also give it a 5.But for someone who wants to learn on their own, I give it a 1.