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Ruslan RussianRuslan RussianJohn Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva The Ruslancourse bookpages, black and white continues the exciting Ruslanstory line with Ivan, Lyudmila, Peter and Vadim There arelessons with lively dialogues, clear grammar explanations, lots of reading, listening and writing exercises and language games for the classroom Ruslantakes you to a very good GCSE level, and is easilyRuslan RussianA Communicative RussianNotRetrouvez Ruslan RussianA Communicative Russian Course et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionRuslan RussianCommunicative Russian CourseNotRetrouvez Ruslan RussianCommunicative Russian Course Communicative Russian Course Pack Book Audio CD by John Langranet des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionRuslan Russiana communicative RussianNotRetrouvez Ruslan Russiana communicative Russian course Student Workbook with free audio CD by John LangranDecPaperback et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionRuslan RussianSupplementary Reader withThis reader is for learners using Ruslan Russianor any other Russian course at intermediate level Council of Europe A For each of thelessons there is a reading text with vocabulary and exercises There are information texts in Russian, translation exercises, poems, activities, a song, and a Russian to English vocabulary The reader follows the story of Lyudmila s ex husband Igor travelling in Samara RUSLAN RUSSIANRuslan Russianis for learners of Russian who have completed a beginners course, and takes you to a very good GCSE level and beyond Ruslancontinues the storyline of Ruslan, and builds on the content The context is modern and communicative, with a PDF Ruslan RussianDownload Full PDF Book Download PDF Ruslan Russianbook full free Ruslan Russianavailable for download and read online in other formats RUSLAN RUSSERuslan Russes adresse aux adultes et aux lves partir deans de niveau intermdiaire Le contexte est moderne et communicatif, avec une approche de la grammaire concise et systmatique La mthode peut tre utilise par des groupes avec un professeur, ou galement par des individus, Ruslan Audio Ruslan Russian Ruslan RussianCourse Book Sound Recordings The course dialogues and other main texts Ruslan RussianWorkbook Sound Recordings Ruslan RussianReader Sound Recordings Ruslan RussianSound Recordings All the texts, songs and poems from Ruslan RussianIf you need theCD set please use the webshop Ruslan Russian Grammar Sound Recordings The recordings from the CD Ruslan Limited Ruslan Russian Learning Materials Ruslan Russian Learning Materials Ruslan Audio Ruslan Audio Drills RuslanVideo Cartoons More videos for learners Quizlet Facebook New Birmingham courses Other versions Dansk , Deutsch , Espaol , Italiano , Franais , Nederlands , Svenska , Zh ngwn

10 thoughts on “Ruslan Russian 2: Communicative Russian Course: Communicative Russian Course - Pack (Book + Audio CD)

  1. traveller traveller says:

    My work hours don t fit in with evening classes so after reading the reviews I decided to give this course a go I ve been through books one and two classroom and work books Before I started it I had a basic understanding of the language, having done a few weeks of home study before and spent a couple of weeks in a Russian speaking country.the books are logically set out in terms of getting through the grammar and there s a lot of grammar in Russian and there s a lot of useful vocab etc each chapter basically deals with a situation you might find yourself in as a visitor abroad and also gives information about the country.So that s all good but I do have a few gripes, mainly about the listening passages They quite often used grammar which we hadn t yet learned at that point As Russian nouns have than a dozen potential different endings this was very confusing The first couple of chapters of Book two were also a big leap up from book one rather than a logical progression, and again in book two you re bombarded with new vocabulary very little of which seemed to be in the key in the back of the book It s difficult to take all that in at the same time as learning all that grammar.I did enjoy this course and got to the end of the book but it does take a big effort of will if you re not part of a class Having said that, most people probably are in classes, with the help of a teacher, and for them I d say it was a good choice.

  2. Alex Robertson Alex Robertson says:

    I am writing this as an intermediate level student of Russian The workbook is intended for use in conjunction with the Ruslan 2 Russian language course text The course as a whole has been well thought through, based as it is on interesting materials and pitched at an appropriate level of difficulty The workbook provides an excellent companion, with exercises designed to consolidate students grasp of Russian grammar while presenting information on different aspects of Russian life and culture I found it a little hard initially to understand those sections that are presented in cursive rather than typescript format, but one quickly adapts It s also worth getting the optional CD, which includes conversations and other audio material linked to the exercises.


    Not perfect Russian in this course

  4. Michael M Wade Michael M Wade says:

    I have absolutely no complaints about the content of the Ruslan 2 workbook My complaint is that the pages are glued, unlike the Ruslan 1 workbook which had a wire spine This has meant that in only three weeks of page turning it has split and there are now loose pages with frayed edges which will only become frayed Not the end of the world I know but why oh why change the design of the spine The old design worked just fine thank you

  5. Mrs. J. B. Bell Mrs. J. B. Bell says:

    A well planned course that takes one through the grammar step by step in relation to the conversational texts in each chapter

  6. Eleonora Eleonora says:

    Great book for beginners, but I would recommend it with a teacher.

  7. Eleonora Eleonora says:

    Great book for beginners, but I would recommend it with a teacher.

  8. avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer avengersinfinitywarfullmovie.de Customer says:

    I am now addicted to the Ruslan Method

  9. Pseudo Pseudo says:

    Super Apprenant le russe en cours, c tait le livre qu il nous tait demand.Bon tat, il me sera utile pour cette ann e A noter tout de m me que je n ai pas trouv de cahier d exercice russe en Fran ais Tout simplement parce que ce livre est enti rement crit en russe De ce fait, qu il soit russe, anglais, etc Ce sera le m me je crois , ref ma prof

  10. Philippe LANUIT Philippe LANUIT says:

    La m thode Ruslan fait partie des toutes meilleurs, l approche grammaticales est bien pens e, on regrettera la pr sence d un intervenant anglais qui a un accent pouvantable A noter que les textes sont de qualit.