books pdf Ruslan Russian Grammar: for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. With audio CD –

A Russian grammar course from beginner to advanced level, bringing together the grammar points from the three levels of the Ruslan Russian course, and filling in the gaps Clear explanations, lots of examples, photos, songs and poems as illustrationslanguage exercises, including written exercises, exercises with photos, songs and poems, speaking activities for the classroom and suggestions for independent research Grammar tables, pronunciation guide, and an index The audio CD has recordings of the answers to aboutof the exercises, many of which can be used as drills, and includes all the extracts from songs and poems and a recording of the pronunciation guide Toute la s rie Ruslan est vraiment top Et celui l est aussi bien que les autres Les r ponses aux exercices sont disponibles en version audio, il y a plein d exercices pour chaque le on, et toute la grammaire est tudi e pas pas Que du plaisir If, like me, you have read many Russian grammar books and Russian Language books so that you know that somewhere in your head is a reasonably large repository of Russian language and understanding of the case system, BUT, you just lack the confidence perhaps, because of being a self taught learner of the language, or because you may have learned many things quickly AND, you just can t get all that knowledge out of your brain and onto the paper into your speech THEN this might be the book for you It is the clearest book that I have come across in my reading of Russian language, so far, that sets out the grammar in a logical manner, with just the necessary information and no padding Yes, there are examples, but no waffling I absolutely love this book, and there are exercises to do as well, although the best exercises are obviously the ones that you do spontaneously with the confidence you will have after reviewing all the grammar that you really did know but couldn t quite let out of the bottle if you know about the bottlenect theory of foreign language learning. The russian learning community has produced so many reference grammars during the last hundred years, that it would take a headstrong author indeed to produce yet another one Luckily, John Langran has not done this Instead, he has produced a practical progressive learning course, with an open accessible A4 page structure and full of nicely varied exercises I hope I ll be able to work my way through It s got a CD of its own, but the goal is to gain a detailed grasp of the actual mechanics of the language than is possible in a language and people oriented approach such as his company s Communicative Russian Course volumes, published in parallel with this book and co authored with Natalya Veshnyeva All part of the search for that holy grail of being able to reply coherently to a chance interesting question from a native speaker of the target language, and maybe ask one back and understand the reply. Fantastic for independent Russian study An invaluable material that s worth every penny Finally, a place of reference for every question on grammar