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Experience significant results in a remarkably short period of time without books, drills, memorizing, or homework In this five hour intermediate level audio course, Michel Thomas Method teacher Natasha Bershadski introduces over 1,000 new words and everyday phrases Learning alongside two genuine students, you will acquire essential language building blocks which allow you to increase your vocabulary in manageable, enjoyable steps by thinking out answers for yourself.What s the added plus Unlike most vocabulary courses which give you lists of words to memorise, the Michel Thomas Method based Vocabulary Builder allows you to further extend your vocabulary by unlocking what you already know You will gain the tools and strategies to exponentially build up your vocabulary.Who is this course for Whether you have learned from other Michel Thomas courses or are simply looking for a new approach to help improve your proficiency, the Russian Vocabulary Builder will introduce you to a unique way of acquiring language that will significantly boost your confidence in your ability to speak, listen to, understand and read Russian. I ve never bought a Michel Thomas method product before, but have had the opportunity luckily to taste an older edition of the foundation course, not that it wasn t good anyways but this is a slightly different ball game as there appears to be a CD ROM along with the fresh material in this package, which is useful on testing your knowledge as you progress through the course Also so far, I found it rather confusing where to start with Michel Thomas, because there is so much to choose from But I also found that they suggest where to start in the guide book that is also in the package here It says 1 START, 2 TOTAL, 3 PERFECT and this falls between the TOTAL course and the PERFECT course Really good buy, everyone needs to learn a foreign language in their lifetime, for me it s Russian the cd doesnt work in my car cd player and the cd rom doesn t work in my computer not sure if this is country specific but i never had any issues with the 8 cd course disappointed with my purchase as i cant even listen to it. Great