epub pdf Sales Management. Simplified.: The Straight Truth about Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team Nach Mike Weinberg – Bilb-weil.de

I have a problem I buy all the latest sales books I read them, make a few notes and move on to the next I have a sales library any sales pro would be proud of but the challenge is actually acting on the wise words written by these sales experts I am the same with cook books but that is another story This year I took action I decided I would only read 2 sales books and put their words into action Mike Weinberg s Sales Management Simplified is one of the books I settled on.I have been in sales for over 20 years and managing sales teams for over 10 Mike s book was a wake up call, I had been coasting My numbers were okay but I knew I could deliver I read Sales Management Simplified and it was the kick up the backside I needed I had got sloppy with regular 1 1 s, was going through the motions with my team meetings Not any.I read Mr Weinberg s book every month, I even have it on Audible, his words inspired me to re evaluate the way I was operating as a Sales Manager No coasting.Now our 1 1s happen every week, with talking points submitted by the sales person a few days before Same with team meetings, they are interactive, fun and we learn together I am in the field and our ride alongs are much structured and have become real occasions for development and learning.I manage remote sales teams so I need to be on the top of my sales game if I expect my team to deliver I need to work smarter to inspire my sales force as they all sell from home offices and not on a bustling sales floor.I have no connection with Mike so believe me when I say that his book has helped me a exceed tough team targets, b develop my sales people c given me fire in my belly and be proud to be a Sales Manager again.Let s be honest being a sales manager can be a lonely job, managing sales people and our superiors can be a tough job Do yourself a favor, buy this book, read it, re read it and act on it Having Mike Weinberg in your corner will seriously improve your team results and get you passionate about the craft of sales management. Every Day, Expert Consultants Like Mike Weinberg Are Called On By Companies Large And Small To Figure Out Why Their Sales Departments Are Falling Short Is It Lazy And Ineffective Salespeople Is It Outdated Methods Of Client Building Why Are These Team Members Not Producing As They Should And Often Than Not, The Answers Are Not What They Expected The Issue Lies Not With The Sales Team But With How It Is Being LedIn Sales Management Simplified Weinberg Tells It Straight, Calling Out The Problems Plaguing Sales Forces And The Costly Mistakes Made By Even The Best Intentioned Sales Managers In Most Organizations He Has Been Hired As A Consultant, He Has Found That Through Their Attitude And Actions, Senior Executives And Sales Managers Have Unknowingly Been Undermining The Performances Of Their Employees But The Good News Is, That With The Right Guidance, Results Can Be Transformed In This Invaluable Resource, Weinberg Teaches Managers How To Implement A Simple Framework For Sales Leadership Foster A Healthy, High Performance Sales Culture Conduct Productive Meetings Put The Right People In The Right Roles Retain Top Producers And Remediate Underperformers Point Salespeople At The Proper Targets And Much Blending Blunt, Practical Advice With Funny Stories From The Field, Sales Management Simplified Delivers The Tools Every Sales Manager Needs To Succeed The Solution Starts With You If you re a sales manager, or if you work for a sales manager, or if a sales manager reports to you, or if you re the manager of operations or finance or marketing or customer service or R D or human resources at a company that has a sales manager, please buy this book, read it right away, and start handing out copies to everyone in your company who ever expresses an opinion about the performance of the sales team.It s directed to the sales manager, but that guy or gal lives inside a culture with a lot of other culprits as well, so pass it around.I m not usually a fan of books that spend a lot of time documenting the problem Too often they re collections of cheap shots by someone who just wants to show off But this is an exquisitely pointed but good natured collection of stories about how poor sales management causes trouble for your company, organized into 16 sales management flaws and the specific kinds of trouble that they cause.Honestly, if you only read Part One, Blunt Truth from the Front Lines, and swear out loud I ll never do THAT again after each chapter, you d make great progress But to be safe, I recommend you go ahead with Part Two, which is all the practical help you ll ever need.Mike has a great voice rich experience and insight delivered with the punch of a stand up comic You can t make this up And he didn t It s all real, all the way through.